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The Funding you get from the Council of Funding Nations is at first a critical part in offsetting your maintenance costs.

Starting Funding

Each game your starting monthly funding will be roughly $6 million, although the balance of which countries and areas it comes from can change to some extent from game to game. It can be worth checking this out when you start, as although commonly the first two areas to build bases in are Europe and North America, for some games you may find India, China, and Japan are all near their maximum levels and might want to take precedence in getting coverage before North America, especially if the US is contributing close to their minimum.

CountryFunding (/1000)
South Africa310620458

*These are not minimum or maximums, which can be around 100 higher or lower than these values, but the chance of getting values outside the range given grows exponentially
**Note the average is not the midpoint between the high and low funding, partly because of the distribution, and also because values below the low funding value are more common

For further details on how these values are generated see the xcomufo thread discussing it.

Monthly Funding Change

Each month the council review yours will demand a progress report from you, and once they have received it they make a group decision on whether to increase, decrease or hold your funding steady. This is based on the monthly rating which factors in X-COM's overall successes and failures for air and ground assaults. UFOs merely flying around the map make only very small impacts; one good mission will totally overwhelm this, at least in the early months. Successfully completed alien missions, especially Terror Missions, have serious consequences, though.

After the council has made its group decision, the majority of countries will follow the council's lead and adjust their funding. A few countries may consider their situation exceptional, due to very good or bad localised performance by X-COM (the presence of an alien base on their territory, a terror mission that succeeded, etc.).

It is possible for countries to sign a pact with the aliens, in which case they will pull out of the council at the end of the month and cease funding you - completely and forever. The latest evidence from intel operatives suggests that aliens come to exert pacifying mind control over an entire government once the two meet in person to sign the pact. Consequently, there is no known way to regain the country's confidence. The only way to avoid this occuring is to shoot down the scouts for the infiltration missions, which will occasionally halt the entire process, or more often merely delay it. It is pretty much confirmed that on Superhuman difficulty, once the aliens decide to Infiltrate a country/region, they WILL succeed... The best that X-COM can do is only delay them by a number of weeks.

Country SatisfactionFunding Change compared to last month
Happy+5 to 20%
SatisfiedNo change
Unhappy -5 to 20%
Sign Pact-100%, and will remain at 0 for rest of game


  • Your balance after a country-funding popup actually depends on a number of factors; see the Monthly Costs item on the Base Information tab. Also see the Finance graph under the Geoscape's Graph button.
  • Changes in country funding are shown at the beginning of months, but the changes don't impact your budget until the next payment (at the end of the month). The Monthly Costs display is a little misleading here.

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