Covert Data Recovery (EU2012)

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Mission Briefing & Objectives
Covert Data Recovery

The covert operative has finished setting up the encoder and transmitter, but EXALT is inbound. Protect the intel assets by eliminating all EXALT forces in the AO.

  • Prevent EXALT from hacking our encoder, so as to stop them from learning the transmitter's location
  • If that fails, protect the data transmitter until EXALT forces are eliminated
  • Neutralize all enemy units


  • During the mission there will be both an Encoder and a Transmitter located on the map with a marked area around both. XCOM's previously deployed Covert Operative will start close to the Transmitter.
  • There will be 2 pods of EXALT agents (total 6 units) starting on the map but enemy reinforcements will arrive regularly.
  • EXALT will first try to hack the Encoder, by having at least one of its agents for 2/3 turns on the marked area encircling it, without any XCOM soldiers also present in the area.
  • If both XCOM and EXALT have units on the marked area, it will be contested and no hack is possible.
    • Any XCOM unit will block the hack, even SHIVs. In fact, this might be a good time to dust off any Alloy or Hover SHIVs the player might happen to have lying around:
      • High movement speed, especially with Advanced Servomotors, allows them to reach the Encoder quickly.
      • High durability, especially with Shaped Armor, will keep EXALT busy long enough for XCOM soldiers to pick off the opposition.
      • If the SHIV happens to have a Sentinel Module, the first EXALT trooper who enters the hack area each turn automatically gets shot in the face, regardless of whether the SHIV is on Overwatch or not. Additionally, the module also regenerates up to 6 HP, making the SHIV able to lock down the Encoder even longer.
      • Even if EXALT manage to take out the SHIV with concentrated fire, it's much cheaper and faster to replace than an experienced soldier.
    • Alternatively, consider bringing along a Support soldier with Sprint and movement-boosting armor to make a dash for the Encoder. A MEC Trooper with Advanced Servomotors and Kinetic Strike Module also works well, especially in terms of durability.
  • After EXALT gains control of the Encoder, it will know the location of the Transmitter and will try also to place 1 agent on the marked area around it for 3 turns. If EXALT is successful in controlling the Transmitter, the mission will be a failure.
  • The player will be warned by Bradford whenever an EXALT agent enters any of the marked areas, with counters indicating the number of turns remaining for EXALT to control those marked areas.
  • The Encoder and the Transmitter are fire-resistant (use a MEC's Flamethrower at will to burn any EXALT units nearby) but they can be destroyed by explosions, so take care when using explosives. If the Encoder is destroyed, EXALT will zoom in immediately on the Transmitter afterwards. If the Transmitter is destroyed, the mission will be a failure for XCOM.
  • Besides the Encoder and Transmitter, there will be EXALT Comm Arrays on the area. If the Covert Operative reaches one of those Arrays, it can hack EXALT's agents, causing all their hand weapons to jam for 1 turn.
  • Survival of the Covert Operative is not required for mission success. Those Rookies may look good on the Covert Operative's new jacket look...
  • You get a small amount of bonus credits (§50) at the end of the mission if EXALT is prevented from hacking both the Transmitter and Encoder and both are still intact. Otherwise you'll only gain §100 from completing the mission, plus the EXALT base clue and a -1 reduction in panic on the country where it takes place.

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