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The Hangar with three Interceptors armed with Plasma Cannons, one Firestorm armed with a Fusion Lance, and the Skyranger.



Raven - the initial interceptor aircraft designed to shoot down alien UFO craft once spotted.

  • The game starts with two of these aircraft.
    • Procurement Cost: §40
    • Maintenance Cost per Month: §20



Skyranger - a transport aircraft to insert your soldiers into the tactical, turn-based portion of the game.

  • You start the game with a single Skyranger and you may not build anymore.
    • Procurement Cost: NA
    • Maintenance Cost per Month: §20

Hangar Storage

Each continent has 4 Hangar slots for interception aircraft; transferring an aircraft from one continent to another takes 3 days, as does ordering a new Interceptor. There is no point to have aircraft on a continent with no satellites (or that has completely withdrawn from the XCOM project), as you have no method by which to detect marauding UFOs.


You can equip your interceptors in the Hangar menu, under "View Craft". Avalanche Missiles, the basic weapon system, are in infinite supply and can be equipped on any of your fighter craft for free. Advanced systems must be manufactured before you can equip them. Modules do not have to be equipped.

Unlike the original X-Com, there is only one slot for weaponry instead of two, and therefore only one weapon is required per craft.

Be aware that it is impossible to change an interceptor's weaponry outside of the Hangar menu, which includes choosing which craft you want to send on a mission; Make sure your craft are equipped with the correct weapons before launching an interception!

Aircraft Weapons & Modules

It takes 1 day to change the weapons on an interceptor craft. They can be equipped with the following weapons:

  • Avalanche Missiles
    • This air to air weapon has unprecedented precision. All interceptors start equipped with these missiles. Avalanche missiles are free of cost.
  • Phoenix Cannon
    • The Phoenix Cannon has very limited range but is capable of dealing out massive burst damage to any alien craft. Available to Engineering by completing Experimental Warfare research.
  • Laser Cannon
    • The super cooled laser cannons have high armor penetration but interceptors must be within short range to use them putting them at high risk. Available to Engineering by completing Beam Weapons, then Heavy Lasers research.
  • Plasma Cannon
    • Plasma Cannons are the most effective solution to removing UFO threats from the sky. It has long range, decent fire rate, and high armor penetration. Available to Engineering by recovering intact Light Plasma Rifles, completing their research, and followed by Plasma Cannon research.
  • EMP Cannon
    • The EMP cannon is a perfect weapon for retrieving the maximum amount of supplies from downed alien craft. Short range, but powerful enough that you won't mind. When using this weapon on ships, expect to encounter all its crew since the ship is mostly intact. Available to Engineering by completing the New Fighter Craft research tree, then the EMP Cannon research itself.
  • Fusion Lance
    • The Fusion Lance is the most powerful weapon that can be equipped only on the Firestorm. This weapon is capable of dealing out massive damage from a long range. While its fire rate is slow, each hit blasts through armor easily. Available to research after downing a Battleship and recovering its Fusion Cores (note that their construction material cost doesn't include a Core: you can build as many you want as long as you have the Elerium, alloys and credits. The cores are only necessary for the construction of it's sister project, the Blaster Launcher).

You can also build modules to use during interceptions to boost your craft's abilities:

One time use when interceptors are in combat with UFOs. Boosts the evasion capabilities of the interceptor allowing your ships to predict enemy firing patterns. In practice, using this will cause the next two attacks against the Interception craft to miss, making it great for closing with a short range weapon. Available to Engineering after Floater Autopsy.

One time use when interceptors are in combat with UFOs. Provides a temporary boost to interceptor's speed when pursuing UFOs. This raises your engagement time with any UFO encountered granting you a higher probability of taking down the large UFOs. In practice, this stops the countdown timer for five seconds, giving you a bit more time to shoot down the UFO. Also reduces approach time for close-range weapons (Phoenix, Laser, EMP). Available to Engineering after Cyberdisc Autopsy.

One time use when interceptors are in combat with UFOs. Once this module is activated, XCOM interceptors will gain a boost to its accuracy. In practice, this means the next two shots fired by the interception craft will hit. Available to Engineering after Sectoid Autopsy.

Interceptor Upgrades
Item Hit Chance Range Fire Rate Damage Armor Pen. Credits Alien Alloys Elerium Extra Costs Min. Engineer
Avalanche Missiles 70% Long Slow Low Low 0 0 0 None 0
Phoenix Cannon 95% Short Rapid Low Low 35 0 0 None 5
Laser Cannon 85% Short Rapid Low Medium 40 25 0 None 10
Plasma Cannon 85% Long Medium Medium High 135 25 25 None 20
EMP Cannon 100% Short Medium High High 150 25 15 None 30
Fusion Lance 90% Long Slow High High 100 20 15 None 30
Defense Matrix N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 50 0 0 3 Floater Corpses 5
UFO Tracking N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 20 0 0 2 Cyberdisc Wrecks 10
Uplink Targeting N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 10 0 0 3 Sectoid Corpses 5

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