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Craft Speed (knots) Range (nm) 6 Air time Fuel Weapons Damage Cargo HWPs Cost/Rent ($) Time (h) Destroyed Pnt.
Skyranger 760 13,500 35h30m / 82h30m4 1,500 None 150 14 3 500,0001 72 -200
Interceptor 2,100 8,050 7h30m / 15h50m4 1,000 2 100 None None 600,0001 96 -250
Firestorm 4,200 7,000 3h20m 205 2 500 None None 400,0002 14,0003 -250
Lightning 3,100 7,750 5h 305 1 800 12 None 600,0002 18,0003 -300
Avenger 5,400 27,000 10h 605 2 1,200 26 4 900,0002 34,0003 -400

1 This cost is paid upon ordering and also monthly as rental fee, charged at midnight on the first day of each month.
2 This is only the up-front cost. These craft also require a number of Alien Alloys, UFO Navigation and UFO Power Source to build, as well as engineers time and workshop space.
3 Engineer man-hours to manufacture.
4 Stationary (Patrolling) air time. Fuel consumption for conventional craft is decreased, allowing longer air time.
5 Elerium-based fuel: every fuel unit is worth 10 minutes of fly time, and 1 Elerium-115 unit is consumed every 5 fuel units.
6 Range is the maximum distance from base a given craft can reach before fuel (50%) requires it to come back. Thus, maximum travel length of a craft is actually twice its range.

Costs of craftable aircrafts
cash alloys power navigation total materials
Firestorm 400k 423k 250k 80k 1153k
Lighting 600k 553k 250k 80k 1483k
Avenger 900k 780k 500k 80k 2260k

In terms of combat effectiveness, (vs Battleships) an Avenger has exactly the same damage output as a Firestorm, but has almost 2.5 times as much health. The Avenger also costs slightly under twice as much and almost 2.5 times as long to build. In actual combat with a Battleship, on average, 4 Avengers will receive exactly the same amount of damage as 4 Firestorms, aka they are equally effective in combat, when engaging with 4 craft at once. And 4 Firestorms will fare better than 2 Avengers. In effect, this means that dollar for dollar, building 10 Firestorms is cheaper and more effective than building 4 Avengers. However, EACH avenger uses less fuel than 1 Firestorm, due to shorter airtime. Furthermore, 10 firestorms require 10 hangar.

In short, if you have enough resources, the Avenger is the better choice, but if you are short on resources, and for some reason you feel an uncontrollable urge to shoot down battleships (I do not know why you would do so), a fleet of Firestorms is better.

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