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TFTD's Craft Gas Cannon follows its aerial cousin, the Cannon from UFO, as being considered the last resort for craft armament. However, the Craft Gas Cannon is slightly different from its earlier cousin.

While maintaining the massive 200 round magazine and the near-continuous fire rate, the range of the Craft Gas Cannon is even lower than that of the Cannon, making attacking with it even more dangerous. However, the damage done by the bolts is significantly higher than that of the cannon. The range may be lower, but each shot packs more punch. The accuracy of the weapon remains the same, although the reloading system has been slowed somewhat. Average damage per round fired is up 50% from the earlier Cannon, while the 20% reduction in range makes very little practical difference.

Again, the biggest problem with the Craft Gas Cannon is getting an alien submarine to enter firing range. The general method of using the Craft Gas Cannon is to use an aggressive stance and hope the enemy craft doesn't flee. After that, surviving return fire is again the #2 issue.

Due to these limitations, Craft Gas Cannons are very quickly outclassed by the craft Gauss Cannons and Sonic Oscillators. Craft Gas Cannons continue to remain useful to a small extent by the simple fact that they have a much greater chance of shooting down smaller Alien Subs without completely destroying them.

They reload at 100 rounds per hour (twice as fast as the earlier Cannon). This makes them the fastest initial craft weapon for full reloading.

Vital Statistics

Range:8 km
Reload Time (Official):3 game seconds
Reload Time (actual):3 game seconds (by definition)
Ammunition Used:Craft Gas Cannon Rounds(x50); $1,240 per 50 shells; 96 hour delivery.
Rearm Rate:100 per hour per craft

The Craft Gas Cannon costs $30,000, delivery time from purchase is 48 game hours. Ammunition delivery is a surprising 96 game hours - order early to avoid disappointment.

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