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After a Soldier sustains more damage than s/he has hitpoints, they will either become critically wounded or die.

Critically wounded

When a soldier is critically wounded, you have three turns to save that soldier. Saving a soldier can be done by stabilizing or reviving the wounded soldier with a medikit or finishing the mission before the wounded soldier bleeds out. Each time a soldier becomes critically wounded, it will receive a permanent penalty to its willpower. After several critical wounds, it may be a good idea to sack/use a mind shield, depending on its rank.


Any character with a medikit can stabilize a critically wounded soldier. Move into healing range and select the "Stabilize" action. A stabilized soldier will not die from its current wounds (don't play with grenades), but will not become active again for the duration of that mission. After the mission, the soldier will be gravely wounded and will take a fairly long time to become active again.

NOTE: Aliens can and WILL shoot soldiers that you stabilize. Make sure you clear the area of attacking aliens before stabilizing the soldier.


Reviving a soldier can only be done by a soldier in the support class with the appropriate skill. A revived unit will become active again during the mission with 33% of it's maximum hitpoints (including armor or items bonus).

NOTE: A soldier who is revived will not be able to perform any actions for the current turn. As such, be very careful when reviving soldiers who were downed out of cover; the aliens may be able to take the soldier down again quickly!

Secondary Heart (EW)

If you have the Enemy Within expansion, after performing an autopsy on a Cyberdisc, you may use the Genetics Lab facility to outfit soldiers with the Secondary Heart gene mod. Applying this mod is slightly expensive at a price of §75 and 15 Meld, as well as 3 days to perform the procedure, but the benefits are quite significant. It extends the soldier's bleedout timer by 2 turns, ensures that a soldier will be critically wounded instead of killed the first time they are fatally injured on a given mission, and negates the will penalty from being critically wounded. This can be very useful for Assault soldiers, or for your Volunteer. Be warned that soldiers with Secondary Heart can still be critically wounded, and that Secondary Heart does not activate if a Chryssalid delivers the killing blow.


Death is permanent, once a soldier is dead, he/she is gone forever, unless you go back to an earlier save in which said soldier was still alive. Every soldier that dies will have his/her name added to the memorial wall in the Barracks, where the number of missions, the number of kills, and the mission in which the soldier died is shown. The Memorial also displays the causes of death for any deceased soldiers, such as the unit that caused the soldier's death, and the weapon they used.

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