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What other mods are compatible?

DeaconIvory made a list of popular mods and how compatible they are with long war. You can find that list here

Adding more turns to the mission timers

Per the developer Amineri:

As for the timers, if you look in the config file XComLW_Overhaul, there is a difficulty-specific modifier for timers :

TimerDifficultyMod[0]=4;   Rookie
TimerDifficultyMod[1]=1;   Veteran
TimerDifficultyMod[2]=0;   Commander
TimerDifficultyMod[3]=0;   Legendary

Thus, 4 turns are added to timers on Rookie, 1 on Veteran. Modifying these can add turns.

Config Location : Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\workshop\content\268500\844674609\Config

Some QOL ini edits

FWIW I make my changes in the \Steam\steamapps\common\XCOM 2\XComGame\Config folder, that way when I rebuild the \my documents\xcom2\xcomgame\config folder after mod updates, or for troubleshooting, etc. I don't have to redo the changes each time. However if you verify your local files it will often overwrite the changes in all folders.

You are free to make the changes in the \my documents\xcom2\xcomgame\config folder for the same effect, just replace the word "Default" with "XcomGame"

Many changes can be difficulty specific. If there are four with a number at the end of them as follows, it is for the different difficulties.

inichange[0]=x will set the value to x for Rookie difficulty
inichange[1]=y will set the value to y for Veteran difficulty
inichange[2]=z will set the value to z for Commander difficulty
inichange[3]=q will set the value to q for Legend difficulty
file label to change
Zoom out further on tactical level DefaultCamera.ini change ZoomedDistanceFromCursor to 4400
DefaultCamera.ini change MaxTilesCameraCanMoveOutsideLevelVolume to 25 so that the camera isn't blocked by the edges of the AOE and can swing out (this works in LW1 as well)
DefaultClassData.ini NumInForcedDeck = 0 NumInDeck = 0 This edit removes the specific soldier class from initial promotion screens, note that you can still receive this class as a reward or for hire in the Black Market.
Activity on Avenger DefaultUI.ini set maxvisiblecrew to 30 for your difficulty (or all difficulties)
increase pool of starting soldiers DefaultGameCore NUM_STARTING_SOLDIERS=32
increase recruit pool DefaultGameData set StartingNumRecruits[0] to desired amount for rookie
DefaultGameData.ini set NumClerks_ActOne=5 NumClerks_ActTwo=10 NumClerks_ActThree=15 all at least 30. This works well with the previous edit .
flares on reinforcements DefaultLW_Overhaul.ini set +DISABLE_REINFORCEMENT_FLARES[0] to either true or false as desired.
initial mission timer values DefaultLW_Overhaul.ini Find +InitialTurnCounts=(MissionFamily="Recover_LW", Turns=8) and set Turns to desired amount for each mission type.
Reduce lag after shooting an enemy DefaultAnimation.ini set HitReactDelayTimeToDeath to 0.2