Customizing LW2

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What other mods are compatible?

DeaconIvory made a list of popular mods and how compatible they are with long war. You can find that list here

Adding more turns to the mission timers

Per the developer Amineri:

As for the timers, if you look in the config file XComLW_Overhaul, there is a difficulty-specific modifier for timers :

TimerDifficultyMod[0]=4;   Rookie
TimerDifficultyMod[1]=1;   Veteran
TimerDifficultyMod[2]=0;   Commander
TimerDifficultyMod[3]=0;   Legendary

Thus, 4 turns are added to timers on Rookie, 1 on Veteran. Modifying these can add turns.

Config Location : Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\workshop\content\268500\844674609\Config