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For the original UFO: Enemy Unknown (1994) version, see Cyberdisc

The Cyberdisc is a flying heavy weapons platform equipped with a devastating plasma cannon and covered in tough armour plating. When first encountered the Cyberdisc will be in a closed disc like form not unlike a miniature UFO. When the Cyberdisc is ready to attack it opens up to reveal a terrifying mass of tentacles bustling with heavy weaponry. It will take a lot of firepower to take down and it also comes equipped with alien grenades. They are one of the fastest ground units and can fly, using both abilities to overflank your soldiers.

The Cyberdisc will explode on death, damaging everything in a small radius.

Note that Cyberdiscs will always work in groups with Drone units. The Drones can repair the Cyberdisc. You might want to kill the Drones so the Cyberdisc cannot be healed. Just make sure the reward in doing so is greater than the risk.


Cyberdisc 1 (EU2012).png
1st Appearance June
August (Marathon)
HP 16/16/20/20
Aim 70/70/80/80
Defense 10
Will 0
Movement 18

Cyberdisc Armaments
Weapon Base Damage Critical Damage Critical Chance
Cyberdisc Cannon 7-9 12 or 13 10
Alien Grenade 5 NA NA
Cyberdisc Abilities
Ability Description
Confers extra protection against critical hits. Enemies suffer a -60% chance to inflict critical hits.
Throw or launch grenades over exceptionally long distances.
Flying units can bypass ground obstacles. They can remain in flight if they have sufficient fuel.
Has 35 fuel.
Enemies targeting this unit when it is airborne suffer a -20% Aim penalty.
Death Blossom
Project an intense energy field from Closed position, damaging all nearby enemies.
Damage from the attack can vary between 7 and 9.


  • Cyberdiscs can be either in Open or Close position. They can only use their cannon and grenades while opened and they Death Blossom ability when closed. When a Cyberdisc is in its closed form it cannot receive critical hits.
  • They have the Robotic passive ability, making them immune to stun, poison and most psionic attacks. They are NOT immune to the Sniper Disabling Shot.
  • If killed during a successful mission a Cyberdisc Wreck will be recovered.

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