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Depleted uranium pellet headed weapon technology is relatively new, and this is the first commercial aquatic weapon system to employ it fully. X-Com has first rights to all of these weapons produced, and they serve their function well in downing Alien Subs at the start of the war before more potent weaponry is developed by the science staff.

With superior power and range to the Craft Gas Cannon and the AJAX Torpedo, it is capable of bringing down most Alien Subs, although with medium and large Alien Subs it may be beneficial to intercept with multiple craft to minimise damage and missed shots.

However, compared to the Avalanche missile used in UFO, TFTD's new version shows some changes. While the power of the D.U.P. Head Torpedo is slightly greater than that of the Avalanche, the range of the weapon is noticeably lower. Keep this in mind when intercepting larger Alien Subs.

Vital Statistics

Range:50 km
Reload Time (Official):21 game seconds
Reload Time (actual):24x/18x/12x slower than Gas Cannon (Cau/Std/Agg) (= 72/54/36 game seconds)
Ammunition Used:D.U.P. Head Torpedo; $9000 each; 48 hour delivery.
Rearm Rate:1 per hour per craft

The D.U.P. Head Launcher costs $17,000, delivery time from purchase is 48 game hours.

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