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DLCs, or "downloadable content" packages, are small downloadable expansions that can be purchased for use with games such as XCOM: Enemy Unknown. At present two DLC packs and one expansion pack are available for the game, which can be downloaded via either Steam, PlayStation Network, or Xbox Live Marketplace (for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 releases of the game respectively (Enemy Within in a disc purchase from stores for Xbox 360 and PS3).

Available DLC

DLC Release date Description Content
Elite Soldier Pack (EU2012).png Elite Soldier Pack 9th October 2012 Released with the game, gifted to pre-orders. Available for purchase to those who obtained the game later. Provides solely cosmetic soldier tweaks.
  • Three helmets and a unique hairstyle.
  • A new selectable decorative form for three XCOM armours.
  • Choices of an additional 32 armour/helmet "tints".
Zhang Face2.png Slingshot 4th December 2012 Recruit a new unit into XCOM while battling the aliens in the skies above China. Also includes additional soldier customisation features.
  • Three new council missions.
  • Five new achievements.
  • A unique unit, Shaojie Zhang.
  • Three new hairstyles, four hats, helmets for all six researchable armours.
  • A new selectable decorative form for all XCOM armours.
XCOM Enemy Within Poster.png Enemy Within 12th November 2013 An expansion for XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Announcement Information

Along with Slingshot's announcement (23rd Oct 2012), it was indicated that a follow-up DLC would also be coming at a yet to be announced date. Hidden achievements for the game listed on Steam, along with configuration scripts already included in the game files, suggested this would arrive early January 2013 with the title "Progeny". While speculative, all indications pointed to it being similar to Slingshot in terms of content (a new unique unit (Annette), three council missions and possibly additional unit customisation options).

Later on, at the time of the Second Wave feature's official introduction (8th Jan 2013), Jake Solomon revealed in an interview that due to Slingshot's poor reception the next DLC would not be similar. The five "Progeny" achievements were also removed from the Steam list at that time.

On August 3rd Producer 2K confirmed that it will reveal during Gamescom 2013 a new DLC for XCOM: Enemy Unknown called XCOM: Enemy Within.