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A damage modifier is a percentage value that alters base damage when calculating damage. Other ways to interpret this include damage multiplier, damage susceptibility, damage resistance, damage vulnerability, etc.

Every unit in the game is assigned an armour class, with each class containing a table of modifiers that determine how well it absorbs the various damage types.

The damage percentages start at 100% for unaltered damage. Values over 100% indicate more damage will be taken, while values under 100% mean less damage is taken.

Susceptible to...

Ammo Type Damage Modifier Category
T+I Hu+ PA1 PS Tnk Snk Eth Mut Sil Chr Rea Sec Cyb Zom
Armour Piercing100100100100100100100601001001001008060
Acid Spit10016011010040100100100100100100100100100

1 Due to a bug in the unit spawn routine, Personal Armor gets assigned the modifiers of a Power Suit.
2 Tanks cannot be stunned.

Column Modifier Index Unit Type(s)
T+I 00 / x00 Terrain and items.
Hu+ 01 / x01 Unarmored Soldiers, Civilians, Sectoids, Celatids and Floaters.
PA 02 / x02 Personal Armor.
PS 03 / x03 Power and Flying Suits.
Tnk 04 / x04 Tanks and Hovertanks.
Snk 05 / x05 Snakemen.
Eth 06 / x06 Ethereals.
Mut 07 / x07 Mutons.
Sil 08 / x08 Silacoids.
Chr 09 / x09 Chryssalids.
Rea 10 / x0A Reapers.
Sec 11 / x0B Sectopods.
Cyb 12 / x0C Cyberdiscs.
Zom 13 / x0D Zombies.

To summarize re: the all important X-COM armor:

  • AP, HE, Laser, and Plasma: All types of X-COM armor have full/normal (100%) susceptibility to these types of damage
  • Stun: All armour has a 20% resistance to stun damage. (Personal Armour should only have a 10% resistance, but receives the modifiers of a Power Suit due to a bug.)
  • Incendiary: All armour is immune to fire damage. (Personal Armour should only have a 20% resistance, but is bugged.)

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