Dark Events (XCOM2)

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Dark Events are activities undertaken by the ADVENT administration to counteract XCOM operations. They will usually undertake 3 per month (2 at the start of the game) and you will have the option of preventing one of them with a Guerilla Operation.

One Dark Event per cycle is usually a "Hidden Event"; you will not know what it is. You can spend 20-30 Intel to reveal the Dark Event, but it is optional.

Dark Events are worked on in sequence, though not necessarily the sequence presented in the game. As such, it is possible to sometimes prevent more than one of the listed projects based on how you tackle them.

Most Dark Events last for a month, although some have instant effects once completed.

Base Game Dark Events

  • ADVENT Alloy Padding: Some ADVENT troops get an extra point of armor.
  • Avatar Minor Breakthrough: 1 block of progress is instantly added to the Avatar project at a random location.
  • Avatar Major Breakthrough: 2 blocks of progress are instantly added to the Avatar project at a random location.
  • Hunt Avenger: A UFO is dispatched to hunt the Avenger; if it finds it, it will trigger an Avenger Defense mission.
  • Infestation: Chryssalids spawn on every mission.
  • Infiltrators: Faceless spawn on every mission, disguised as civilians.
  • Resistance Mole: The Retaliation counter is reduced by two weeks.
  • New Construction: The Alien Facility Construction counter is reduced by two weeks.
  • Viper Rounds: Some ADVENT troops gain Venom Rounds, poisoning your troops if they are hit.
  • ADVENT Midnight Raids: All recruiting costs doubled.
  • ADVENT Rural Checkpoints: Next Supply Drop supplies reduced by 50%
  • Alien Cypher: All Intel costs doubled.
  • Rapid Response: Guaranteed ADVENT reinforcements on all Guerilla Ops.
  • Show of Force: More enemy units are added to each mission.
  • Vigilance: The size of alien detection radii is greatly increased.

War of the Chosen Dark Events

The War of the Chosen DLC adds more Dark Events to the pool.

  • Signal Jamming: Increases all scanning times for 6 weeks.
  • Gone to Ground: Black Market is closed for 6 weeks, and must be rediscovered.
  • Stiletto Rounds: ADVENT gain special rounds that inflict "Bleeding" status.
  • Undying Loyalty: ADVENT have a chance to be reanimated as Psi Zombies when they die.
  • Barrier: Enemy Tech and Psionic Defense are doubled.
  • Made Whole: The Chosen no longer suffer from any weaknesses.
  • ADVENT Sealed Armor: ADVENT become immune to fire, poison, acid and ice.
  • Lightning Reflex: ADVENT Troopers have the Lightning Reflexes trait; that is, the first reaction shot against them each turn is guaranteed to miss.
  • Collateral Damage: ADVENT troops carry more explosives.
  • High Alert: You no longer start missions concealed.
  • Lost World: The Lost may appear in any missions.
  • The Collectors: The Chosen will capture operatives at every opportunity.
  • Wild Hunt: The Chosen are more likely to appear in missions.
  • ADVENT Bending Reed: ADVENT Stun Lancers have a chance to move after performing a melee attack.
  • ADVENT Return Fire: Missed shots against ADVENT Officers and Priests will trigger return fire.
  • Dark Tower: XCOM soldiers suffer greater losses to Will in combat.
  • Loyalty Among Thieves: When any Chosen gain knowledge about XCOM, a portion is passed along to (one of: The Hunter, The Assassin, The Warlock) as well.
  • Counterattack: ADVENT units have a chance to enter overwatch upon being revealed.
  • Left Behind: All Covert Actions have a risk of a soldier being captured.
  • Spider and Fly: There is a risk of ambush on all Covert Actions.