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General Information

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Dart Gun

The X-COM dart gun is a small, accurate, high powered unit with a 10* hollow dart ammo clip. The darts are fired by a gas cartridge in the ammo pod.

Source: Terror From The Deep Ufopaedia

* This is an error. The Dart Gun carries 12 rounds.

Dart Gun
(h x w)
2 x 1
Weight 5
D. Threshold 20
Grip One-Handed
TU Cost Accuracy
Auto -% -%
Snapshot 20% 40%
Aimed 50% 80%
Sale Price $
Purchase Price $800
Dart Clip
(h x w)
1 × 1
Weight 2
D. Threshold 20
Damage 16 Armor Piercing
Capacity 12
Sale Price $
Purchase Price $70

The Dart Gun is a low powered one-handed personal firearm that stores and fires 12 darts. It will function in any environment.

The Dart Gun is cheap and features a one handed grip and is the fastest Snap fire weapon. Unfortunately it has one severe weakness: very low damage. Even physically weak aliens like the Aquatoids will require a number of rounds before they succumb to the darts.

Though quite ineffective for most combat purposes, the Dart Gun is a useful weapon for training firing accuracy and reactions due to its low stopping power. The Dart Gun can also be utilised as an early alternative to the Thermal Tazer for stunning aliens. While it still risks killing the subject, the lower damage allows for a more controlled application of damage as well as weapon inflicted Stun damage.

This weapon appears in Terror from the Deep. For the UFO: Enemy Unknown equivalent, refer to the Pistol.

Key Features
  • Small and One-handed
Pros Cons
  • Fast Firing
  • Moderate Ammo
  • Cheap
  • Very weak

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