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The contents of this page contain fictional elements that are based on or expand on the official game mythos. Care should be taken by the reader not to confuse the artistic license taken as being an actual representation of the events and time lines in the game(s).

Note: Data Canisters are works of fiction based in the X-COM universe. They are not official game supplements and occasionally disagree with the "known facts". They are taken from the thread of the same name on and are preserved here for interest.

With the public shutdown of X-Com's operations in the frontier in favour of MarSec contracts, and the final dissolution of X-Com's refounding in 2039, the military historian Skonar successfully petitioned for access to X-COM internal records and networks under the Freedom of Information act which released all other UN information. Recovered archives of these records and data, many in a group of Data Canisters donated to us from an unknown source, prove to be a source of the best insights we have into the day-to-day workings of the X-COM organization.

--- Data Canister Storage, recovering available data now.

-- All data classified to highest levels. Unauthorized viewing of this data in a manner that harms the operational secrecy of X-Com is considered treason.

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