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Note: Data Canisters are works of fiction based in the X-COM universe. They are not official game supplements and occasionally disagree with the "known facts". They are taken from the thread of the same name on [] and are preserved here for interest.

With the public shutdown of X-Com's operations in the frontier in favour of MarSec contracts, and the final dissolution of X-Com's refounding in 2039, the military historian Skonar successfully petitioned for access to X-COM internal records and networks under the Freedom of Information act which released all other UN information. Recovered archives of these records and data, many in a group of Data Canisters donated to us from an unknown source, prove to be a source of the best insights we have into the day-to-day workings of the X-COM organization.

--- Data Canister Storage, recovering available data now.

-- All data classified to highest levels. Unauthorized viewing of this data in a manner that harms the operational secrecy of X-Com is considered treason.

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Credentials confirmed.

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