Defending Mega Primus from Evil Space Aliens, a Beginner's Guide

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Getting Started With X-COM 3

This page is a rough guide based on my first few weeks with X-COM 3.

The names of the following sections are just filler for the time being.

Early Game

Things that are new from X-COM 1 and 2

Week 1

Day 1

  • Sell all your land vehicles
  • Buy hoverbikes and outfit them with lasers. Their starting guns are decent, but using lasers will save you some money, provided they don't get shot down. Also, capturing UFOs is important...
  • Assign researchers
  • Construct buildings
  • Equip your soldiers

Day 2 onwards

  • Dealing with UFOs: Capturing UFO type 3 is important so make sure you don't blow them all up. After capturing them though, you have the option of using heavier weapons such as janitor missiles if you prefer to blow them up and avoid a ground mission.

Week 2

  • New UFO types appear. Having a Valkyrie or other large air transport is very important at this point if you want to be able to capture Type 3 and above UFOs.

Mid Game

Late Game

Tips and Tricks

Getting Organized

Stun Grapple Raids