Defense Matrix (Dodge) (EU2012)

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Defense Matrix (Dodge)

Activate this module during interception to provide an immediate, temporary boost to our unit's evasive ability. The matrix will burn out after one use. Floater adaptive reflex technology was surprisingly compatible with our satellite systems, allowing us to predict enemy firing solutions.

Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012)


  • The Defense Matrix guarantees the next two shots fired at you miss.
  • Perhaps the most useful module of the three, since guaranteeing a miss on you is far more valuable than guaranteeing a hit on the enemy (even Avalanche Missiles have an average hit rate of 70%).
  • You'll rarely (if ever) need to use this on a Firestorm, but it will allow your Interceptors to stay in the fight a little bit longer before you need to pull them out, especially when larger UFOs start to be fielded, which can fire a lot more than you can.
  • Defense Matrices require 3 Floater Corpses to make.
  • If you have Enemy Within, instead of the next two shots missing, the next two shots that would have normally hit will now be misses. If the shot misses anyways, the "charge" is not used.
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