Demolition (EU2012)

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Demolition loading screen


  • Abduction

Map Dimensions

  • Length: 41 tiles*
  • Width: 29 tiles*
  • Height: 4 tiles
  • Total map area: 4084 tiles
  • Map has a 33x29 main area plus an adjacent 8x8 landing zone for the Skyranger-

Notable Locations

  • A building demolition site with a wide open central area with backhoes providing high cover.
  • A shipping container on the right, which frequently has a spawn of aliens behind it.
  • An area of partially torn down walls to the left providing high cover.
  • A long alley circling around the left side of the site.
  • Exposed, high elevation floors which can be reached with grappling hooks.


  • This location was one of the earlier maps displayed outside of Firaxis, as seen in the Pax Prime 2012 Preview.
Demolition overview
Demolition overview