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This is a list of commands, items, perks, research, foundry projects, and others, that can be added/enabled via the developer's console. To activate the dev console, you will need to download the modified Engine.upk file from the Long War Nexus mod page.

Provided it is installed correctly, press the '\' to bring up the dev console.

Some commands, e.g. GivePerk, can only be used in the tactical game (Battlescape). Others, e.g. GiveItem, GiveTech, and GiveFoundry, are part of the strategy game, so they will only work in XCOM HQ (Geoscape).


To add a perk to one of your units, type GivePerk [array number] in the console while you are in Battlescape and your mouse pointer is over that unit or while in the LOADOUT screen for a given soldier (Added perks in the loadout menu will not be visible until you exit the loadout screen). To remove a perk, add a - (dash) before the perk number. The perk removal function only works in the Battlescape, not in the Loadout screen.

  • Table columns are sortable, click on the arrows.
  • Adding alien perks to Xcom and vice-versa could have some bizarre effects, mostly due to lack of animations for the unit in question to use the new perk. Some units might also not have their AI programmed to make use of the perks you give them, for example Stealth on a Chrysalid.
  • You can use the command GivePsiPerks to a selected soldier in both Geo- and Battlescape.
  • The command GiveBottomPerks gives the first perks of a soldier's class. (all of them, not just one per promotion)
  • The reverse command, GiveTopPerks, gives the top perks of a soldier's class. (all of them, not just one per promotion)
Perks list
Perk Name Array Number Dev Console name
None 0 ePerk_None
So Shall You Fight 1 ePerk_OTS_XP
Precision Shot 2 ePerk_PrecisionShot
SquadSight 3 ePerk_SquadSight
Secondary Heart 4 ePerk_GeneMod_SecondHeart
Low Profile 5 ePerk_LowProfile
Run And Gun 6 ePerk_RunAndGun
Autopsy Required 7 ePerk_AutopsyRequired
Battle Scanner 8 ePerk_BattleScanner
Disabling Shot 9 ePerk_DisablingShot
Opportunist 10 ePerk_Opportunist
Executioner 11 ePerk_Executioner
Officer (in command of a mission?) 12 ePerk_OTS_Leader
Double Tap 13 ePerk_DoubleTap
In The Zone 14 ePerk_InTheZone
Damn Good Ground 15 ePerk_DamnGoodGround
Snap Shot 16 ePerk_SnapShot
Will To Survive 17 ePerk_WillToSurvive
Fire Rocket 18 ePerk_FireRocket
Holo-Targeting 19 ePerk_TracerBeams
Adrenal Neurosympathy 20 ePerk_GeneMod_Adrenal
Suppression 21 ePerk_FocusedSuppression
Shredder Ammo 22 ePerk_ShredderRocket
Rapid Reaction 23 ePerk_RapidReaction
Grenadier 24 ePerk_Grenadier
Danger Zone 25 ePerk_DangerZone
Ready For Anything 26 ePerk_BulletSwarm
Extra Conditioning 27 ePerk_ExtraConditioning
Neural Damping 28 ePerk_GeneMod_BrainDamping
Neural Feedback 29 ePerk_GeneMod_BrainFeedback
Hyper-Reactive Pupils 30 ePerk_GeneMod_Pupils
Sprinter 31 ePerk_Sprinter
Aggression 32 ePerk_Aggression
Tactical Sense 33 ePerk_TacticalSense
Close Encounters 34 ePerk_CloseAndPersonal
Lightning Reflexes 35 ePerk_LightningReflexes
Rapid Fire 36 ePerk_RapidFire
Flush 37 ePerk_Flush
Depth Perception 38 ePerk_GeneMod_DepthPerception
Bring 'Em On 39 ePerk_BringEmOn
Close Combat Specialist 40 ePerk_CloseCombatSpecialist
Killer Instinct 41 ePerk_KillerInstinct
Bioelectric Skin 42 ePerk_GeneMod_BioelectricSkin
Resilience 43 ePerk_Resilience
Smoke Grenade 44 ePerk_SmokeBomb
Adaptive Bone Marrow 45 ePerk_GeneMod_BoneMarrow
Random Subclass 46 ePerk_StunImmune
Covering Fire 47 ePerk_CoveringFire
Field Medic 48 ePerk_FieldMedic
Pyrokinesis 49 ePerk_RifleSuppression_DEPRECATED
Muscle Fiber Density 50 ePerk_GeneMod_MuscleFiber
Combat Drugs 51 ePerk_CombatDrugs
Dense Smoke 52 ePerk_DenseSmoke
Packmaster 53 ePerk_DeepPockets
Sentinel 54 ePerk_Sentinel
Savior 55 ePerk_Savior
Revive 56 ePerk_Revive
Elevated Ground 57 ePerk_HeightAdvantage
Lock N’ Load 58 ePerk_Disabled_DEPRECATED
Sapper 59 ePerk_ImmuneToDisable_DEPRECATED
Suppressed 60 ePerk_SuppressedActive
Critically Wounded 61 ePerk_CriticallyWounded
Airborne 62 ePerk_Flying
Stealth 63 ePerk_Stealth
HEAT Warheads 64 ePerk_Poisoned
Combat Stimmed 65 ePerk_CombatStimActive
Javelin Rockets 66 ePerk_Implanted
Panicked 67 ePerk_Panicked
Mindfray 68 ePerk_MindFray
Psi Panic 69 ePerk_PsiPanic
Psi Inspiration 70 ePerk_PsiInspiration
Mind Control 71 ePerk_MindControl
Telekinetic Field 72 ePerk_TelekineticField
Rift 73 ePerk_Rift
Mind Merge (active perk) 74 ePerk_MindMerge
Mind Merge (passive status) 75 ePerk_MindMerger
Hardened 76 ePerk_Hardened
Greater Mind Merge (active perk) 77 ePerk_GreaterMindMerge
Greater Mind Merge ( passive status) 78 ePerk_GreaterMindMerger
Evasion 79 ePerk_Evade
Launch 80 ePerk_Launch
Bombard 81 ePerk_Bombard
Leap 82 ePerk_Leap
Acid Spit 83 ePerk_Plague
Venomous Claws 84 ePerk_Poison
Blood Call 85 ePerk_BloodCall
Intimidate 86 ePerk_Intimidate
Fallen Comrades 87 ePerk_FallenComrades
Bloodlust 88 ePerk_Bloodlust
Bullrush 89 ePerk_BullRush
HEAT Ammo 90 ePerk_HEATAmmo
Smoke And Mirrors 91 ePerk_SmokeAndMirrors
Shock and Awe 92 ePerk_Rocketeer
Mayhem 93 ePerk_Mayhem
Ranger 94 ePerk_Gunslinger
Concealment 95 ePerk_GeneMod_MimeticSkin
Cluster Bomb 96 ePerk_ClusterBomb
Psi Lance 97 ePerk_PsiLance
Death Blossom 98 ePerk_DeathBlossom
Overload 99 ePerk_Overload
Psi Control 100 ePerk_PsiControl
Psi Drain 101 ePerk_PsiDrain
Repair 102 ePerk_Repair
Cannon Fire 103 ePerk_CannonFire
Implant 104 ePerk_Implant
Chryssalid Spawn 105 ePerk_ChryssalidSpawn
Battle Fatigue 106 ePerk_BattleFatigue
Range (bonus) 107 ePerk_OnlyForGermanModeStrings_ItemRangeBonus
Range (penalty) 108 ePerk_OnlyForGermanModeStrings_ItemRangePenalty
Scope (Foundry upgrade) 109 ePerk_Foundry_Scope
Pistol (Foundry Pistol I upgrade) 110 ePerk_Foundry_PistolI
Pistol (Foundry Pistol II upgrade) 111 ePerk_Foundry_PistolII
Tandem Warheads 112 ePerk_Foundry_PistolIII
Ammo Conservation (Foundry upgrade) 113 ePerk_Foundry_AmmoConservation
Fire In the Hole 114 ePerk_Foundry_AdvancedFlight
Arc Thrower (Foundry upgrade) 115 ePerk_Foundry_ArcThrowerII
Deadeye 116 ePerk_Foundry_MedikitII
Drone Capture (Foundry Upgrade) 117 ePerk_Foundry_CaptureDrone
Field Repairs (Foundry Upgrade) 118 ePerk_Foundry_SHIVHeal
Psychokinetic Strike 119 ePerk_Foundry_SHIVSuppression
Elerium Fuel 120 ePerk_Foundry_EleriumFuel
MEC Close Combat 121 ePerk_Foundry_MECCloseCombat
Stay Frosty 122 ePerk_Foundry_AdvancedServomotors
Shaped Armor (Foundry Upgrade) 123 ePerk_Foundry_ShapedArmor
Sentinel Module 124 ePerk_Foundry_SentinelDrone
Alien Grenades 125 ePerk_Foundry_AlienGrenades
Light ‘Em Up 126 ePerk_PlasmaBarrage
Stealth (Seeker version) 127 ePerk_SeekerStealth
Ghost mode 128 ePerk_StealthGrenade
Reaper Rounds 129 ePerk_ReaperRounds
Disorientated 130 ePerk_Disoriented
Collateral Damage 131 ePerk_Barrage
Automated Threat Assessment 132 ePerk_AutoThreatAssessment
Advanced Fire Control 133 ePerk_AdvancedFireControl
Damage Control 134 ePerk_DamageControl
Vital Point Targeting 135 ePerk_XenobiologyOverlays
One For All 136 ePerk_OneForAll
Jetboot Module 137 ePerk_JetbootModule
Combined Arms 138 ePerk_ExpandedStorage
Repair Servos 139 ePerk_RepairServos
Fortiores Una 140 ePerk_Overdrive
Platform Stability 141 ePerk_PlatformStability
Absorption Fields 142 ePerk_AbsorptionFields
Shock Absorbent Armor 143 ePerk_ShockAbsorbentArmor
Reactive Targeting Sensors 144 ePerk_ReactiveTargetingSensors
Body Shield 145 ePerk_BodyShield
Distortion Field 146 ePerk_DistortionField
Adrenaline Surge 147 ePerk_GeneMod_AdrenalineSurge
Iron Skin 148 ePerk_GeneMod_IronSkin
Regen Biofield 149 ePerk_GeneMod_RegenPheromones
Field Surgeon 150 ePerk_CovertPockets
EXALT Comm Hack 151 ePerk_CovertHacker
Semper Vigilans 152 ePerk_Medal_UrbanA
Sharpshooter 153 ePerk_Medal_UrbanB
Steadfast 154 ePerk_Medal_DefenderA
Smart Macrophages 155 ePerk_Medal_DefenderB
Legio Patria Nostra 156 ePerk_Medal_InternationalA
Band of Warriors 157 ePerk_Medal_InternationalB
So Others May Live 158 ePerk_Medal_CouncilA
Lone Wolf 159 ePerk_Medal_CouncilB
Esprit de Corps 160 ePerk_Medal_TerraA
Into the Breach 161 ePerk_Medal_TerraB
Paramedic 162 ePerk_Dazed
Aiming Angles (bonus) 163 ePerk_OnlyForGermanModeStrings_AimingAnglesBonus
Catching Breath 164 ePerk_CatchingBreath
Tactical Rigging 165 ePerk_Foundry_TacticalRigging
Strangle 166 ePerk_SeekerStrangle
Hit and Run 167 ePerk_ReinforcedArmor
Psi Shield 168 ePerk_MindMerge_Mechtoid
Electropulsed 169 ePerk_Electropulse
Nearby Officer 170 ePerk_OTS_Leader_Bonus
Lead By Example 171 ePerk_OTS_Leader_TheLeader
None 172 ePerk_MAX


To add an item to inventory, type GiveItem [name without eItem sign] [amount] in the console while in Geoscape.

  • Table columns are sortable, click on the arrows.
Items list
Item name Array number Dev console name
Motion Tracker 222 eItem_END_EXALT_COLLECTIBLES_15
Sawed-Off Shotgun 254 eItem_END_VEHICLE_UPGRADES
Battle Rifle 241 eItem_EXALTLoot1
Machine Pistol 236 eItem_MecArmor3_Flamethrower_Grenade_Electro
SMG 231 eItem_MecArmor2_Flamethrower_Mist
Marksman's Rifle 226 eItem_MecArmor1_Kinetic
Assault Carbine 32 eItem_SectopodArm
Seraph Armor 67 eItem_END_ARMOR
Aurora Armor 68 eItem_BEGIN_ITEMS
Vortex Armor 65 eItem_ArmorPsi
SHIV Autocannon 109 eItem_ShivMinigun
Rocket Launcher 218 eItem_ExaltRocketLauncher
MEC Minigun 28 eItem_Chaingun
Shotgun 4 eItem_Shotgun
Sniper Rifle 213 eItem_ExaltSniperRifle
SAW 214 eItem_ExaltLMG
Assault Rifle 212 eItem_ExaltAssaultRifle
Pistol 2 eItem_Pistol
MEC-1 Paladin 193 eItem_MecArmor1
MEC-2 Defender 194 eItem_MecArmor2
MEC-3 Valiant 145 eItem_ZombieCorpse
MEC-4 Dauntless 195 eItem_MecArmor3
MEC-5 Devastator 148 eItem_END_EXALT_COLLECTIBLES_23
MEC-6 Vanguard 191 eItem_END_EXALT_COLLECTIBLES_21
MEC-7 Vindicator 210 eItem_END_EXALT_COLLECTIBLES_20
MEC Augments armor 192 eItem_MecCivvies
Leather Jacket 66 eItem_ArmorCovertOps
SHIV 113 eItem_SHIVDeck_I
Alloy SHIV 114 eItem_SHIVDeck_II
Hover SHIV 115 eItem_SHIVDeck_III
Shadow Armor 64 eItem_ArmorGhost
Archangel Armor 63 eItem_ArmorArchangel
Titan Armor 62 eItem_ArmorTitan
Laser Pistol 8 eItem_LaserPistol
Laser Rifle 215 eItem_ExaltLaserAssaultRifle
Autolaser 217 eItem_ExaltHeavyLaser
Laser Sniper Rifle 216 eItem_ExaltLaserSniperRifle
Scatter Laser 10 eItem_LaserAssaultGun
Superheavy Laser 149 eItem_BEGIN_CORPSES
MEC Laser Lance 29 eItem_Railgun
Laser Strike Rifle 227 eItem_MecArmor1_Flamethrower
Laser Shatterray 232 eItem_MecArmor3_Kinetic_Grenade_Electro
Heater 237 eItem_MecArmor3_Flamethrower_Grenade_ProximityMine
Heavy Laser Rifle 242 eItem_EXALTLoot2
Gatling Laser 247 eItem_END_MEC_ARMOR
Gauss Rifle 3 eItem_AssaultRifle
Gauss Autorifle 5 eItem_LMG
Gauss Long Rifle 6 eItem_SniperRifle
Alloy Cannon 16 eItem_AlloyCannon
Recoilless Rifle 7 eItem_RocketLauncher
SHIV Sentry Gun 110 eItem_ShivSentry
Gauss Carbine 53 eItem_SoldierNoWeapon
Alloy Strike Rifle 228 eItem_MecArmor2_Kinetic_Grenade
Gauss Stuttergun 233 eItem_MecArmor3_Kinetic_Grenade_ProximityMine
Gauss AutoPistol 238 eItem_MecArmor3_Flamethrower_Mist_Electro
Heavy Gauss Rifle 243 eItem_EXALTLoot3
Gauss Machine Gun 248 eItem_CorpsePlaceholder2
Pulse Rifle 9 eItem_LaserAssaultRifle
Pulse Autolaser 11 eItem_HeavyLaser
Pulse Sniper Rifle 12 eItem_LaserSniperRifle
Superheavy Pulser 111 eItem_ShivLaser
Pulse Carbine 252 eItem_BEGIN_VEHICLE_UPGRADES
Scatter Blaster 1 eItem_BEGIN_WEAPONS
MEC Pulse Lance 190 eItem_XPACK_END_CORPSES
Blaster Rifle 229 eItem_MecArmor2_Kinetic_Mist
Pulse Stengun 234 eItem_MecArmor3_Kinetic_Mist_Electro
Blaster 239 eItem_MecArmor3_Flamethrower_Mist_ProximityMine
Heavy Pulse Rifle 244 eItem_BEGIN_EXALT_WEAPONS
Gatling Pulser 249 eItem_END_CORPSES
Plasma Pistol 13 eItem_PlasmaPistol
Plasma Carbine 14 eItem_PlasmaLightRifle
Plasma Rifle 15 eItem_PlasmaAssaultRifle
Plasma Sniper 18 eItem_PlasmaSniperRifle
Plasma Novagun 17 eItem_HeavyPlasma
MEC Particle Beam 30 eItem_ParticleBeam
Blaster Launcher 19 eItem_BlasterLauncher
Superheavy Plasma 112 eItem_ShivPlasma
Reflex Cannon 99 eItem_BEGIN_VEHICLES
Reflex Rifle 230 eItem_MecArmor2_Flamethrower_Grenade
Plasma Stormgun 235 eItem_MecArmor3_Kinetic_Mist_ProximityMine
Heavy Plasma Rifle 245 eItem_END_EXALT_WEAPONS
Plasma Dragon 250 eItem_BEGIN_CAPTIVES
MEC Flamethrower 23 eItem_MecFlameThrower
MEC Kinetic Strike Module 22 eItem_MecKineticArm
Mec Proximity Mine Launcher 27 eItem_MecProximityMineLauncher
Mec Electro Pulse 26 eItem_MecElectroPulse
Mec Grenade Launcher 24 eItem_MecGrenadeLauncher
Mec Restorative Mist 25 eItem_MecRestorativeMist
HE Grenade 81 eItem_FragGrenade
AP Grenade 87 eItem_NeedleGrenade
Flashbang Grenade 83 eItem_FlashBang
Smoke Grenade 82 eItem_SmokeGrenade
Battle Scanner 97 eItem_BattleScanner
Alien Grenade 84 eItem_AlienGrenade
Mimic Beacon 88 eItem_MimicBeacon
Chem Grenade 86 eItem_GasGrenade
Shadow Device 85 eItem_GhostGrenade
Psi Grenade 96 eItem_PsiGrenade
Arc Thrower 73 eItem_ArcThrower
Medikit 69 eItem_Medikit
Combat Stims 70 eItem_CombatStims
Grapple 38 eItem_Grapple
Chitin Plating 72 eItem_ChitinPlating
Alloy Plating 75 eItem_ReinforcedArmor
Mind Shield 71 eItem_MindShield
Respirator Implant 76 eItem_RespiratorImplant
Reaper Rounds 78 eItem_ReaperRounds
Marksman's Scope 34 eItem_SectopodHeatRay
Rocket 77 eItem_BallisticModule
Shredder Rocket 89 eItem_BEGIN_ALIEN_GRENADES
Chameleon Suit 94 eItem_END_EXALT_COLLECTIBLES_25
Ceramic Plates 95 eItem_END_ALIEN_GRENADES
Alloy Bipod 196 eItem_END_EXALT_COLLECTIBLES_0
Breaching Ammo 197 eItem_END_EXALT_COLLECTIBLES_1
Impact Vest 200 eItem_END_EXALT_COLLECTIBLES_4
Walker Servos 202 eItem_END_EXALT_COLLECTIBLES_6
Neural Gunlink 203 eItem_END_EXALT_COLLECTIBLES_7
Shredder Ammo 204 eItem_END_EXALT_COLLECTIBLES_8
Illuminator Gunsight 209 eItem_END_EXALT_COLLECTIBLES_13
Reinforced Armor 220 eItem_NullPrereq
Neuroregulator 224 eItem_END_EXALT_COLLECTIBLES_17
The Thumper 129 eItem_END_EXALT_COLLECTIBLES_28
Tactical Sensors 201 eItem_END_EXALT_COLLECTIBLES_5
Incinerator Module 211 eItem_END_EXALT_COLLECTIBLES_18
Counterfire Pods 123 eItem_END_SHIP_WEAPONS
Smartshell Pods 124 eItem_END_EXALT_COLLECTIBLES_29
Weapon Supercoolers 128 eItem_END_EXALT_COLLECTIBLES_27
Autosentry Turret 130 eItem_END_EXALT_COLLECTIBLES_24
Adaptive Tracking Pods 131 eItem_CivilianCorpse
Core Armoring 132 eItem_TankCorpse
Damage Control Pod 133 eItem_SoldierCorpse
Advanced Suppression Module 199 eItem_END_EXALT_COLLECTIBLES_3
Elerium Turbos 221 eItem_END_EXALT_COLLECTIBLES_14
Battle Computer 90 eItem_END_EXALT_COLLECTIBLES
Holo-Targeter 108 eItem_END_EXALT_COLLECTIBLES_30
Alloy-Carbide Plating 189 eItem_END_EXALT_COLLECTIBLES_22
Fuel Cell 178 eItem_DamagedHyperwaveBeacon
Alien Trophy 98 eItem_END_GRENADES
Cognitive Enhancer 223 eItem_END_EXALT_COLLECTIBLES_16
SCOPE 74 eItem_TargetingModule
Alloy Jacketed Rounds 31 eItem_BEGIN_SPECIAL_WEAPONS
Enhanced Beam Optics 40 eItem_BEGIN_ALIEN_SHARED_WEAPONS
Plasma Stellerator 48 eItem_END_ALIEN_SHARED_WEAPONS
Laser Sight 79 eItem_END_ITEMS
Hi Cap Mags 80 eItem_BEGIN_GRENADES
Armor Piercing Ammo 198 eItem_END_EXALT_COLLECTIBLES_2
Targeting Module 219 eItem_END_EXALT_COLLECTIBLES_19
Alien Pistol 21 eItem_SeekerPlasmaPistol
Alien Pistol 41 eItem_SectoidPlasmaPistol
Alien Carbine 52 eItem_OutsiderWeapon
Alien Carbine 42 eItem_PlasmaLightRifle_ThinMan
Alien Carbine 43 eItem_PlasmaLightRifle_Floater
Alien Carbine 44 eItem_PlasmaLightRifle_Muton
Alien Rifle 45 eItem_PlasmaAssaultRifle_Muton
Alien Rifle 46 eItem_HeavyPlasma_Floater
Alien Heavy Weapon 47 eItem_HeavyPlasma_Muton
Alien Cannon 20 eItem_MechtoidPlasmaCannon
Alien Cannon 185 eItem_SectopodChestCannon
Alien Turret 33 eItem_SectopodCannon
Sectopod Cluster Bomb 55 eItem_SectopodClusterBomb
Drone Beam 36 eItem_DroneBeam
Alien Cannon 39 eItem_CyberdiscWeapon
Alien Grenade 92 eItem_MutonGrenade
Alien Grenade 93 eItem_CyberdiscGrenade
Alien Grenade 91 eItem_FloaterGrenade
Psi Amp 37 eItem_PsiAmp
Psi Locus 50 eItem_ElderWeapon
Chryssalid Claw 35 eItem_ChryssalidClaw
Seeker Tentacles 56 eItem_SeekerTentacles
Zombie Fist 49 eItem_ZombieFist
Muton Blade 51 eItem_MutonBlade
Acid Spit 54 eItem_Plague
Tac Vest 57 eItem_END_WEAPONS
Banshee Armor 58 eItem_BEGIN_ARMOR
Tac Armor 59 eItem_ArmorKevlar
Carapace Armor 60 eItem_ArmorCarapace
Corsair Armor 61 eItem_ArmorSkeleton
SHIV 100 eItem_SHIV
Alloy SHIV 101 eItem_SHIV_Alloy
Hover SHIV 102 eItem_SHIV_Hover
Interceptor 103 eItem_Interceptor
Firestorm 104 eItem_Firestorm
Skyranger 105 eItem_Skyranger
Satellite 106 eItem_Satellite
Stingray Missiles 116 eItem_BEGIN_SHIP_WEAPONS
Phoenix Cannon 117 eItem_IntWeap_I
Avalanche Missiles 118 eItem_IntWeap_II
Laser Cannon 119 eItem_IntWeap_III
Plasma Cannon 120 eItem_IntWeap_IV
EMP Cannon 121 eItem_IntWeap_V
Fusion Lance 122 eItem_IntWeap_VI
Defense Matrix (Dodge) 125 eItem_IntConsumable_Dodge
UFO Tracking (Boost) 126 eItem_IntConsumable_Boost
Uplink Targeting (Aim) 127 eItem_IntConsumable_Hit
Sectoid Corpse 134 eItem_SectoidCorpse
Sectoid Commander Corpse 135 eItem_SectoidCommanderCorpse
Floater Corpse 136 eItem_FloaterCorpse
Heavy Floater Corpse 137 eItem_FloaterHeavyCorpse
Thin Man Corpse 138 eItem_ThinManCorpse
Muton Corpse 139 eItem_MutonCorpse
Muton Elite Corpse 140 eItem_MutonEliteCorpse
Berserker Corpse 141 eItem_BerserkerCorpse
Cyberdisc Wreck 142 eItem_CyberdiscCorpse
Ethereal Corpse 143 eItem_EtherealCorpse
Cryssalid Carcass 144 eItem_CryssalidCorpse
Sectopod Wreck 146 eItem_SectopodCorpse
Drone Wreck 147 eItem_DroneCorpse
Sectoid Captive 150 eItem_SectoidCaptive
Sectoid Commander Captive 151 eItem_SectoidCommanderCaptive
Floater Captive 152 eItem_FloaterCaptive
Floater Heavy Captive 153 eItem_FloaterHeavyCaptive
Thin Man Captive 154 eItem_ThinManCaptive
Muton Captive 155 eItem_MutonCaptive
Muton Elite Captive 156 eItem_MutonEliteCaptive
Berserker Captive 157 eItem_BerserkerCaptive
Ethereal Captive 158 eItem_EtherealCaptive
Phalanx Armor 159 eItem_END_CAPTIVES
Aegis Armor 160 eItem_BEGIN_COLLECTIBLES
Elerium 161 eItem_Elerium115
Alien Alloys 162 eItem_AlienAlloys
Weapon Fragments 163 eItem_WeaponFragment
Meld 164 eItem_Meld
Alien Entertainment 165 eItem_AlienEntertainment
Alien Food 166 eItem_AlienFood
Alien Stasis Tank 167 eItem_AlienStasisTank
Alien Computer 168 eItem_UFONavigation
AlienSurgery 169 eItem_AlienSurgery
UFO Power Source 170 eItem_UFOPowerSource
Hyperwave Beacon 171 eItem_HyperwaveBeacon
Damaged Alien Entertainment 172 eItem_DamagedAlienEntertainment
Damaged Alien Food 173 eItem_DamagedAlienFood
Damaged Alien StasisTank 174 eItem_DamagedAlienStasisTank
Damaged UFO Navigation 175 eItem_DamagedUFONavigation
Damaged Alien Surgery 176 eItem_DamagedAlienSurgery
Damaged UFO PowerSource 177 eItem_DamagedUFOPowerSource
Fusion Core 179 eItem_UFOFusionLauncher
Ethereal Device 180 eItem_PsiLink
Exalt Intel 181 eItem_ExaltIntel
Kestrel Armor 182 eItem_END_COLLECTIBLES
Outsider Shard 183 eItem_Base_Shard
Skeleton Key 184 eItem_Skeleton_Key
Mechtoid Core 187 eItem_MechtoidCore
Seeker Corpse 188 eItem_SeekerCorpse

Research projects

Type GiveTech [name without eTech sign; array number if no name is present] in the console while in Geoscape.

  • Table columns are sortable, click on the arrows.
  • The command GiveAllTech completes all Research projects and unlocks all Gene mods.
Research projects list
Project Name Array Number Dev Console name
Xenobiology 1 eTech_Xenobiology
Xenoneurology 2 eTech_ArcThrower
Alien Operations 3 eTech_BaseShard
Alien Propulsion 4 eTech_Firestorm
Sectoid Commander Autopsy 5 eTech_AutopsySectoidCommander
Alien Communications 6 eTech_Hyperwave
Alien Command and Control 7 eTech_PsiLink
Xenogenetics 8 eTech_Meld
Elerium 9 eTech_Elerium
Mind And Machine 10 eTech_PsiArmor
Advanced Body Armor 11 eTech_Armor_Carapace
Mobile Power Armor 12 eTech_Armor_Carapace
Advanced Power Armor 13 eTech_Armor_Titan
Stealth Systems 14 eTech_Armor_Ghost
Antigrav Systems 15 eTech_Armor_ArchAngel
Alien Weaponry 16 eTech_WeaponFragments
Alien Materials 17 eTech_AlienMaterials
Experimental Warfare 18 eTech_Exp_Warfare
Beam Lasers 19 eTech_LaserWeapons
Advanced Beam Lasers 20 eTech_PrecisionLasers
Pulse Lasers 21 eTech_HeavyLasers
Compact Plasma Weapons 22 eTech_Plasma_Pistol
Plasma Weapons 23 eTech_Plasma_Light
Advanced Plasma Weapons 24 eTech_Plasma_Rifle
Heavy Plasma Weapons 25 eTech_Plasma_Heavy
Precision Plasma Weapons 26 eTech_Plasma_Sniper
Gauss Weapons 27 eTech_Alloy_Cannon
Vehicular Plasma Weapons 28 eTech_Plasma_Cannon
Fusion Weapons 29 eTech_Fusion_Launcher
Advanced Gauss Weapons 30 eTech_BlasterLauncher
Alien Computers 31 eTech_AlienNavigation
Alien Power Systems 32 eTech_UFOPowerSource
Electromagnetic Pulse Weapons 33 eTech_EMP
Interrogate Sectoid 34 eTech_InterrogateSectoid
Interrogate Floater 35 eTech_InterrogateFloater
Interrogate Muton 36 eTech_InterrogateMuton
Interrogate Sectoid Commander 37 eTech_InterrogateSectoidCommander
Interrogate Berserker 38 eTech_InterrogateBerserker
Interrogate Thin Man 39 eTech_InterrogateThinMan
Interrogate Heavy Floater 40 eTech_InterrogateHeavyFloater
Interrogate Muton Elite 41 eTech_InterrogateMutonElite
Interrogate Ethereal 42 eTech_InterrogateEthereal
Sectoid Autopsy 43 eTech_AutopsySectoid
Floater Autopsy 44 eTech_AutopsyFloater
Thin Man Autopsy 45 eTech_AutopsyThinMan
Muton Autopsy 46 eTech_AutopsyMuton
Chryssalid Autopsy 47 eTech_AutopsyCryssalid
Advanced Pulse Lasers 48 eTech_AutopsyZombie
Cyberdisc Autopsy 49 eTech_AutopsyCyberdisc
Berserker Autopsy 50 eTech_AutopsyBerserker
Heavy Floater Autopsy 51 eTech_AutopsyHeavyFloater
Muton Elite Autopsy 52 eTech_AutopsyMutonElite
Drone Autopsy 53 eTech_AutopsyDrone
Sectopod Autopsy 54 eTech_AutopsySectopod
Ethereal Autopsy 55 eTech_AutopsyEthereal
Mechtoid Autopsy 56 eTech_AutopsyMechtoid
Seeker Autopsy 57 eTech_AutopsySeeker
Xenopsionics 58 eTech_PsiLabs
Advanced Aerospace Concepts 59 eTech_Autopsy_END
Alien Biocybernetics 60 -
UFO Analysis: Scout 61 -
UFO Analysis: Destroyer 62 -
UFO Analysis: Abductor 63 -
UFO Analysis: Transport 64 -
UFO Analysis: Battleship 65 -
UFO Analysis: Overseer 66 -
UFO Analysis: Fighter 67 -
UFO Analysis: Raider 68 -
UFO Analysis: Harvester 69 -
UFO Analysis: Terror Ship 70 -
UFO Analysis: Assault Carrier 71 -
Improved Body Armor 72 -
Improved Combat Exoskeletons 73 -
Mobile Combat Exoskeletons 74 -
Heavy Combat Exoskeletons 75 -

Foundry projects

Type GiveFoundry [name without eFoundry sign; array number if no name is present] in the console while in Geoscape.

  • Table columns are sortable, click on the arrows.
Research projects list
Project Name Array Number Dev Console name
Enhanced Balistics 1 eFoundry_SHIV
Alien Grenades 2 eFoundry_AlienGrenades
Field Repairs 3 eFoundry_SHIV_Heal
Drone Capture 4 eFoundry_CaptureDrone
Improved Medikit 5 eFoundry_MedikitII
Improved Arc Thrower 6 eFoundry_ArcThrowerII
Ammo Conservation 7 eFoundry_AmmoConservation
Enhanced Lasers 8 eFoundry_AutomatedLasers
Enhanced Plasma 9 eFoundry_AutomatedPlasma
Advanced Flight 10 eFoundry_AdvancedFlight
Armored Fighters 11 eFoundry_AdvancedConstruction
Advanced Repair 12 eFoundry_VehicleRepair
Mag Pistols 13 eFoundry_PistolI
Rail Pistols 14 eFoundry_PistolII
Reflex Pistols 15 eFoundry_PistolIII
Shiv Suppression 16 eFoundry_SHIVSuppression
Stealth Satellites 17 eFoundry_StealthSatellites
SCOPE Upgrade 18 eFoundry_Scope
Advanced Servomotors 19 eFoundry_AdvancedServomotors
Shaped Armor 20 eFoundry_ShapedArmor
Jellied Elerium 21 eFoundry_EleriumFuel
Sentinel Drone 22 eFoundry_SentinelDrone
Tactical Rigging 23 eFoundry_TacticalRigging
MEC Close Combat 24 eFoundry_MECCloseCombat
Alien Metallurgy 25 -
Aircraft Boosters 26 -
Wingtip Sparrowhawks 27 -
Penetrator Weapons 28 -
Mechanized Unit Defenses 29 -
Advanced Surgery 30 -
Improved Avionics 31 -
UFO Countermeasures 32 -
Elerium Afterburners 33 -
Supercapacitors 34 -
UFO Tracking 35 -
MEC Warfare Systems 36 -
Super Skyranger 37 -
Alien Nucleonics 38 -
Improved Salvage 39 -
New Combat Systems 40 -
Psi Warfare Systems 41 -
Security Training: Weapons 42 -
Security Training: Armor 43 -
Phoenix Coilguns 44 -
UFO Scanners 45 -
Quenchguns 46 -


Type GiveFacility [name without eFacility sign] in the console while in Geoscape.

  • Table columns are sortable, click on the arrows.
Facilities list
Facility Name Dev Console name
Access Lift eFacility_AccessLift
Laboratory eFacility_ScienceLab
Workshop eFacility_Workshop
Satellite Uplink eFacility_SmallRadar
Fission Generator eFacility_Power
Foundry eFacility_Foundry
Officer Training School eFacility_OTS
Alien Containment eFacility_AlienContain
Satellite Nexus eFacility_LargeRadar
Thermo Generator eFacility_ThermalPower
Elerium Generator eFacility_EleriumGenerator
Psionic Labs eFacility_PsiLabs
Hyperwave Relay eFacility_HyperwaveRadar
Gollop Chamber eFacility_DeusEx
Repair Bay eFacility_CyberneticsLab
Genetics Lab eFacility_GeneticsLab

Officer Training School

Type GiveOTSTech [name without eOTS sign] in the console while in Geoscape.

  • Table columns are sortable, click on the arrows.
OTS upgrades
Upgrade name Dev Console name
Squad Size I eOTS_SquadSize_I
Squad Size II eOTS_SquadSize_II
Tactical Officers eOTS_XP_II
Company Officers eOTS_HP_I
Field Officers eOTS_Leader
Regiment Officers eOTS_XP_I
Commanding Officers eOTS_Will_I

Other commands

Tactical (Battlescape):

  • AIShowNames -- Uncover unit names. Names appear above units even in FOW.
  • CaptureAndKillAliens [num] -- Captures [num] aliens and kills the remainder. Applies to current wave only.
  • KillAliens -- Instantly kill all enemies on the map. On standard missions (e.g. abductions, UFOs, terror, etc.) this will end the mission automatically. On council/EXALT missions the command will not end the mission as long as additional enemies are expected to spawn.
  • KillNearestAlien -- Kills alien nearest to mouse pointer.
  • SetHP [num] -- Sets the HP of a unit under the cursor to [num], including armor. Does not remove wounded status.
  • Slomo [num] -- Changes game speed by a factor of [num]. e.g. Slomo 1.5 gives 1.5x faster camera and unit motion. Higher values can be unstable.
  • TakeNoDamage -- GOD Mode (applies to whole squad).
  • ToggleFOW -- Removes fog of war.
  • ToggleRain -- Turns off rain. Use SetStormIntensity 0 to stop lightning flashes.
  • TeleportToCursor -- Teleport selected unit to mouse pointer location.
  • TeleportAllToCursor -- Teleport the entire squad to mouse pointer location.
  • UnlimitedMoves -- Grants unlimited moves & attacks (applies to whole squad), until the player ends the turn manually.

Strategy (Geoscape):

  • FinishAllProjects -- Immediately finish all items in foundry and workshop queue.
  • ForceFCMission [mission] -- Forces Funding Council mission once you enter Mission Control. If [mission] is omitted, gives a random valid FC mission. Mission strings are in DefaultMaps.ini.
  • GiveResource [resource] [amount] -- Add specified resource amount to inventory. Resource types: money, elerium, alloys, meld, engineers, scientists. Note: this command cannot be used to add weapon fragments (use GiveItem for that). On the other hand, elerium, alloys, and meld can be added using either GiveItem or GiveResource command (see items table).
  • GiveMeTonsOfResources [amount] -- Add the specified amount to all resource types listed above, except fragments. If you don't specify the amount, a default value of 9,999 will be added to each resource.
  • GiveItem WeaponFragment [amount] -- Add specified amount of fragments to inventory.
  • LevelUpBarracks [num] -- Promotes all soldiers in barracks by [num] ranks.
  • SetMonth [num] -- Sets month to [num]. Takes effect in Mission Control and launches the monthly report if new month is greater than current. Game starts on month 1.