Difficulty Levels (Apocalypse)

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X-Com Apocalypse has five difficulty levels. Novice - Easy - Medium - Hard - Superhuman
The easiest being Novice, increasing to Superhuman as the hardest.


Each difficulty level has its own Cityscape design, the harder the game the larger the map. The quantity of buildings will increase with higher the difficulty, the structures are larger, taller, and are easier to collapse. The road layout becomes more complicated, longer and higher.
Base locations will be more numerous, but their functionality will be more limited.
Novice Easy Medium Hard Superhuman

Initial Funding

At the start of a new game, X-Com's initial starting money and end-of-week income:

Difficulty Level Starting Funding Weekly Income

Dynamic Funding

Funding is calculated for the new week, Monday at midnight, based on your performance (your Score) in the previous week.
The initial X-Com funding is added to with extra funds, Weekly Income, from the Government (The Senate). Income can be decreased to zero if performance is always substandard.
The government may not have enough liquidity to continue paying for the good (or better) performance of X-Com's ability to deal with the Alien menace and may only give what is can spare, but no more than half of its total cash. Weekly Income may be stopped if the government has negative cash flows. Income will be immediately cut off if the government becomes hostile to X-Com and if 100% infiltrated, funding will be permanently lost.

End-Of-Week Score New Income Change (%)
12801 25.00
6401 20.00
3201 12.50
1601 08.33
801 06.25
401 05.00
-1 -006.66
-401 -010.00
-801 -020.00
-1600 -025.00

Source: Roger Wong's Game Guide

Unit Stats

Each difficulty level also modifys unit attributes. All enemy units, civilians and Security Station turrets have their stats increased on difficulties above Novice.

Organisation Relations

X-Com's interaction with other Organizations increasingly becomes more recalcitrant on higher difficulty levels. Positive attitude towards X-Com is:

  • +5% on Novice or Easy.
  • Unchanged on Medium.
  • -5% on Hard.
  • -10% on Superhuman.

Searching a building for alien infestation (and no hostiles found) will decrease relations towards X-Com by roughly x2 from Novice to Superhuman. The amount of money demanded for compensation is sharply increased roughly x8 from Novice to Superhuman.

Alien Technology Progression

The more difficult a game, the faster the Aliens will invent and acquire more advanced weaponry both for their crafts and lifeform equipment dependant on score.

Losing The Game


There are only two ways to lose the game:

  • All bases for X-Com are destroyed.
All X-COM bases have been destroyed. All research data is lost and all personnel have left. With no other hope for humanity the Aliens will inevitably conquer Earth.
  • X-Com funds are excessively negative at the end of the week.
Due to bad debts the X-COM organization has been closed down. All operations have ceased, bases dismantled and personnel discharged. With no other hope for humanity the Aliens will inevitably conquer Earth.