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Dispatch Missions act as a way of levelling up your men and gaining new technology as they allow you to send them off on another mission without Carter where they are almost guaranteed a level up. You can send as many agents on dispatch missions as long as the overall level is over the required level. Eg. A Dispatch Mission with a level score of 10 can be completed by any amount of soldiers that add up to ten or more, but once it goes to that value you will lose the ability to add more soldiers and only launch the mission.

Any amount of dispatch missions can be launched at once as long as you have the necessary amount of soldiers. (It may be better for you if you have any non-level 5 agents to send them on a dispatch mission.)

Gearing Up (5)

Fernley, Nevada

Radio transmissions indicate students at an engineering college in the southwest have discovered some of the Outsider technology and begun studying it. Look into recruiting theses students, gather any new technology they’ve found, and keep their knowledge from spreading panic.

Mission Result: Gearing Up

Your agents found the students and recruited them to ensure their silence. They shared what they’d learned about Outsider technology and have become part of the research staff, working on weapons development under Dr. Murphy.

Reward: Guardian Pack

Nanotechnology (7)

Bow, New Hampshire

Dr. Heinrich believes the dormant Nano-fluid from the Silacoid can be used to great effect if in the right hand. Anna Ganjaldo, a pioneer in the nascent field of nanotechnology is the extraction target. She will be a welcome addition to the white coats.

Mission Result: Nanotechnology

Finding the nanotechnologist was no easy task-besides being a genius, she is also resourceful and kept herself well hidden. She had begun design on a prototype backpack which came in handy during the transit back. Heinrich and Ganjaldo have already tasked the production staff with her prototype design.

Reward: Stabilization Assistance Pack

Recovering Leaders (7)

Fairfax, Virginia

We have reason to believe a detachment of the Secret Service was at this location during the attack, most likely guarding former president Truman. There’s a chance they’ve survived. Send a team to find the former president and his Secret Service agents if they still live.

Mission Result: Recovering Leaders

Our information was correct. Sadly, the former president and most of his bodyguard, except one, had succumbed to injuries taken during the first wave of attacks. We have their bodies and will be giving them a burial with full honors. The lone survivor has been patched up and should be ready for active duty.

Reward: Rank 3 Recon Agent

The Russian (8)

Pima, New Mexico

Send an agent to accompany the potential Russian convert, Piotr Zhedrev, to the site of the Pima tower. Prove conclusively that the alien menace is real and threatens the entire earth, and we may be able to secure his loyalty.

Mission Results: The Russian

Piotr’s first experience with the Outsiders was more memorable than expected, as they were ambushed by a small squad of hostiles. However, our agents were victorious, and Piotr is a firm convert - and now one with proven experience in the field.

Reward: Rank 4 Engineer Agent

Sleepwalkers (8)

Des Moines, Iowa

Your work has tracked an outbreak of Sleepwalker infection in XCOM agents to a recent long-term recon mission in this town. Send a team to retrace their steps and isolate the source--without becoming another victim.

Mission Result: Sleepwalkers

After-action reports show that agents were stuck in Riverside for longer that expected, during which time they subsisted on local food and water. Careful forensic analysis has isolated the infection source to town water supplies, likely contaminated by Outsider infiltrators.

Reward: Point-Blank Pack

Vendetta (9)

Pendleton, New York

Outsider activity in the area may be related to one of the original abduction cases that preceded the attack. Investigate the new relevance of an old case.

Mission Results: Vendetta

Potsdam was the site of the first known alien abduction, and has also been one of the first towns to be afflicted by the “Sleepwalker” infection. Cross-checking Angela’s file with other infected towns, every site of a missing person led to an early infection. The seeds of the alien takeover appear to have been planted at least half a decade ago.

Reward: Blast Protection Pack

Flight Test (10)

Fort Bragg, California

Preform test to develop an improved fuel system for the Avenger. Agent should have a working knowledge of engineering, and be able to protect sensitive technological prototypes.

Mission Result: Flight Test

The improvements to the Avenger’s fuel system should provide an additional 3% power output, as well as 5% fuel efficiency. The savings on Elerium have freed up a substantial amount of material for other research.

Reward: Quick Charge Pack

Cure (10)

St. Albans, West Virginia

Medical advances have been able to develop a potential cure from the Sleepwalker infection, and further testing will hopefully allow us to cure large groups of the population at once. A medical agent is to be sent to field test a cure on an isolated community.

Mission result: Cure

The cure has proven to be successful, although victims require medical care to ensure a full recovery. With further work, you may even be able to cure every Sleepwalker on the planet. Congratulations.

Reward: Rupture Pack

Behind Enemy Lines (10)

Shreveport, Louisiana

A military convoy carrying weapons and ammunition has been trapped by enemy forces. Send a team of agents to get it out.

Mission Results: Behind Enemy Lines

Your agents retrieved not only the weapons and ammunition, but the soldiers and drivers with the convoy as well. This gives us more potential field operatives. Good job.

Reward: Rank 3 Commando Agent

Claiming What’s Ours (10)

Seattle, Washington

Before the attack, an Air Force research facility in this area was secretly experimenting with using lasers to intercept missiles. Send a team to recover whatever equipment and research they have. This could help us develop weapons to fight the Outsiders.

Mission Results: Claiming What’s Ours

Your agents successfully recovered several prototypes from the research center. Sadly, the staff and researchers had been infected with the Sleepwalker virus. Their work will help us protect others from the same fate. Good job.

Reward: Corrosive Plasma Pack

Space Junk (10)

Upland, California

A laboratory in southern California has been working on space-faring satellites. Director Faulke wants all of their equipment and prototypes for XCOM. Send agents to investigate whatever has survived the Outsider attacks and bring back anything, or anyone, of use.

Mission Results: Space Junk

Your agents were able to recover prototypes as well as a functional satellite slated for launch into space later this year. Director Faulke and Dr. Dresner are both very pleased. Well done.

Reward: Health Converter Pack