EMP Cannon (EU2012)

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EMP Cannon
EMP Cannon

In developing an electromagnetic weapon capable of emitting a focused pulse that will penetrate the alien's advanced shielding, we've also had to find a means to protect our own ship's sensitive electronic circuitry. The functionality of the weapon itself had already been well-established by previous testing conducted by Earth's various terrestrial military forces, leaving us with little to determine outside of the energy requirements and effective range. Although the additional shielding required to protect our systems will necessitate a reconfiguration of our ship's hardpoints for the weapon's mount, I expect the engineering team will have no trouble fitting the device into position. If our pilots can successfully deploy the pulse against the alien craft, we should be able to bring down a UFO with minimal damage to the artifacts and equipment carried inside.

Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012) Research Archives

EMP Cannon

The EMP Cannon was developed in an effort to increase the chance of recovering functional alien technology from downed UFOs. Although the alien systems will be disabled, the EMP does not inflict physical damage to these components.

  • Electromagnetic waves do high damage to UFO internal systems but leave other essentials recoverable
  • Alien crew survival much more likely if their craft is downed by EMP
Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012)


Research Required EMP Cannon
Base Costs §150
25 Alloys
15 Elerium
30 Engineers
Hit Chance 90%
Range 85
Firing Time 1.25
Damage 1200/1200/1200/1200
Armor Penetration 44/44/44/44
  • The EMP Cannon is unique in that when it is employed, it leaves more of the UFO intact. When assaulting a UFO that has been downed by an EMP cannon versus other weapons, you will find more intact components.
  • The EMP Cannon will quickly dice enemy UFOs with few questions asked. The short range may present a problem on the approach, and if you want to use an EMP Cannon on a Battleship or other large UFO (Abductors, Supply Barges), you should only send the EMP Cannon on a Firestorm, as regular Interceptors will be mulched before they can do any real damage.
  • The EMP Cannon research requires you to first research New Fighter Craft, Elerium and Plasma Cannon.

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