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This is a rough scratchpad to begin creating new main section table for Enemy Unknown. Emphasis on Rough. At this stage it is just bullet-point section groupings.

Also, since it involves lightly touching most of the articles, some extra notes on how they might be better restructured.

If there have been any articles you think have been missing from the main tables that should be mentioned, please do not hesitate to recommend.

Note: This page and its talk page will be erased in due course.



All matters pertaining to the Geoscape. Should cover various articles regarding managerial tasks.


Articles covering research/manufacture matters.


Articles that cover economic matters.


Technical Information

For the more technical articles that delve into the actual game mechanics and file structures.

Data Tables

List of data tables. Some of these are complete articles, perhaps the actual data tables should be separated into separate sheets to be included in the articles?

Note: Kill Modelling is a suppliment to the the Experience training article - have to reconsider its location.


The various guides. Possibly weapon Analysis


Not sure what heading to file these under, but they cover slightly more fictional ground, informational material, influences, humorous material, conjecture, open questions/etc

The X-COM World

Filler title. Articles and discussions on the X-COM Universe that should probably go into a separate menu.