Enemies (Chimera)

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The enemies encountered by Chimera Squad include humans, aliens, and hybrids, all of which are affiliated with one of four major organizations, all of which have a vested interest in plunging City 31 into Anarchy.


The Progeny

Progeny fighters include Psionic Sorcerers, Resonant Sectoids, and Muton Brutes. Some rumors even indicate they’ve welcomed Archons and Codexes into their ranks. However, their most unnerving foot soldiers are the Thralls—mindless Hybrids who live and die to serve their masters, forced to allow their own slaughter to ensure the survival of stronger allies.

Gray Phoenix

The members of Gray Phoenix have named themselves after fearsome warriors of old: Paladin, Legionnaire, Dominator, Praetorian, Beserker. Heavily armored, they include Mutons, Vipers, Sectoids, and Faceless. Intel indicates many members possess advanced scientific or engineering knowledge. Given the amount of alien technology they’ve collected, they represent a significant threat to peace.

Sacred Coil

The followers of the Sacred Coil are true believers who see themselves as part of a mysterious, holy crusade. Some call themselves “Purifiers;” while our sources have yet to uncover who or what they intend to “purify,” the implications are alarming. The cult is widely believed to be entirely made up of Hybrids, but recent reports have indicated the presence of Chryssalids in their ranks—and possibly worse.


Some combatants aren’t aligned with any of the separatist Factions, yet are equally intent on interfering with City 31 and Chimera Squad. Because their motives and resources are even more mysterious than those of the Factions, they should be regarded as potentially even more dangerous.