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In addition to Weapons and Armor, each soldier may equip an additional item, with the exception of the Support soldier class, which may carry 2 items after it gets the Deep Pockets ability at Major rank. These items are slot-specific and may vary in function; some have related upgrades in the Foundry.

On the Enemy Within DLC purchasing the Foundry's Tactical Rigging upgrade automatically allows all soldiers, regardless of their class, to carry 2 items.

EW DLC = Enemy Within DLC new items.


  • A Heavy class soldier with the Captain-level Grenadier perk will carry two grenades instead of one in their item slot.
  • On the EW DLC the Deep Pockets ability has been changed, allowing for limited use items to have 1 extra use, such as grenades, Medikits and the Arc Thrower.

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