Equipment Analysis (Apocalypse)

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This section is intended as a place to collate articles or discussions where the merits of the various weapons, vehicle and equipment found in X-COM Apocalypse are gauged or compared. Many of the articles will be comparisons between one or several items, while some articles may focus on only one object and discuss its qualities or deficiencies.

This article is identical in function to the Weapon Analysis section for UFO and TFTD.

Weapon/Equipment Analysis Disclaimer

Though attempts to be factual in its core articles (note that some artistic license may be taken in the non-essential descriptions to add flavor or break monotony with some humour), the cases presented on this page are strictly the opinion of the respective author(s).

Care has been taken to provide facts and statistics where appropriate but it is up to the reader to decide how to use make use of this information.

Agent Races

Agent Weapons and Equipment


Vehicle Weapons and Equipment

Other Discussions