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As time goes by the Cityscape will be automatically updated according to the numerous events that take place on Mega-Primus. Here is a list of when and what information will change.

Weekly updates (at 00:00 Monday)

  • Salary and base upkeep costs will be deduced from X-COM's funds.
  • Government funding will arrive (provided the Senate isn't hostile to X-COM).
  • Items for sale availabilty will be refreshed.

Daily updates (at 00:00)

  • New personnel will be available for recruitment.
  • Base facilties will be advanced by 1 day of progress. (It doesn't matter whether you started construction at 00:01 or 23:59, the next day at 00:00, the construction counter will have progressed by 1 day)
  • Medical Bays will restore partially or completely injured soldiers' health.
  • Agents Stats will increase due to training.

Updates every 4 hours

Immediate updates

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