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[[ExploitsC|Exploit: Collision Detection]]
[[Exploiting Collison Detection|Exploit: Collision Detection]]
* The mystical art of moving through solid objects.
* The mystical art of moving through solid objects.

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WARNING: Use of the exploits listed within the following links can corrupt your game installation, or your savegames, or your operating system. If you are not prepared to possibly lose data then DO NOT USE the exploits.

If you choose to continue, here are some things you can do to make problems less severe:

  • archive any files deemed important within your operating system (eg: family photos, work documents, music etc.).
  • have available the installation files or disks that contain the game(s) in case you need to re-install it.
  • make copies of any files or folders which may be changed (eg: savegame folders)
  • understand and know the outcome of the exploit which you are trying use.

Xcom Exploits

This page lists the exploits currently found within Xcom:Enemy Unknown and Xcom:Terror From The Deep.

The following categories primarily concern the first game in the series, Enemy Unknown, but can also be used with Terror From The Deep, unless noted.

Exploit: For Free

  • Underhandedly get out of paying wages, how to raid for items, and how to abuse the rules of combat.

Exploit: Mind Control

  • Methods on how to psychologically break your enemy for your own devious gains.

Exploit: Collision Detection

  • The mystical art of moving through solid objects.

Exploit: Geoscape Only

  • Break some rules of global proportions.

Exploit: Tactical Only

  • Break some rules of the battlefield.

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