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WARNING: A small number of the exploits found on the following pages (particularly those that involve editing game files) can corrupt your game installation or savegames. Make a copy of your entire XCOM directory beforehand to be safe.

Xcom Exploits

This page lists the exploits currently found within Xcom:Enemy Unknown and Xcom:Terror From The Deep.

The following categories primarily concern the first game in the series, Enemy Unknown, but can also be used with Terror From The Deep, unless noted.

Exploit: For Free

  • Underhandedly get out of paying wages, how to raid for items, and how to abuse the rules of combat.

Exploit: Mind Control

  • Methods on how to psychologically break your enemy for your own devious gains.

Exploit: Collision Detection

  • The mystical art of moving through solid objects.

Exploit: Geoscape Only

  • Break some rules of global proportions.

Exploit: Tactical Only

  • Break some rules of the battlefield.

Exploit: Gameplay Alternatives

  • Your own game the way you want to play it