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A base is nothing without purpose.


A base can be built in any fashion using the standard facilities available according to the layout and may be expanded when advanced facilities become available.

  • Any layout on offer cannot be altered. The Access Lift cannot be moved, purchased, demolished or destroyed.
  • Any Government building's basement available for purchase by X-Com will contain one lift.
  • A maximum of six small and four large laboratory/workshop facilities is possible in each base (but a maximum total of each type of technical personel across all bases = 50).

Damage And Repairs

Base Defence can become very expensive, very quickly. If X-Com goes massively into debt, it will be shut down at the week's end unless those negative funds are made positive, even if it is $5. Repair costs, irrelevant of actual funds, are immediately deducted at successful base defence mission.

Damage to any 1x1 tile, including destroying any 1x1 debris pile = -$50.
  • Facilities cannot be lost to damage. They will be always repaired to full functionality when a base defence mission is successful.
  • Many tiles of the various facilites can visually change to slightly damaged, before destruction. Each one of these changes costs $50.
  • If a tile is destroyed outright by a powerful weapon but that tile had multiple stages of visual damage as described, all those intermediate stages will cost $50 each.
eg: Floor tiles (the metal grate) can be damaged once (it turns grey = -$50) and then damaged again (it disappears = -$50, and forms a hole) or, an explosion vaporised the tile without the intermediate step. This hole just cost X-Com $100 irrelevant of how it was destroyed.
  • One explosion can cost thousands in repairs.

Missed with a Devastator Cannon and shot-out a wall light? ...$50 in repairs please. Shot that pile of debris to remove it ...that just cost you $50. A proximity mine detonated and stripped a wall of metal tiles? ...$50 for each replacement tile please. A lucky shot blew up the cylinders in your Advanced Biochemistry Lab? ...hehehe!

Example: Repair Cost

  • Complete destruction of one 16x16x5 unused base segment with all open corridors:
Level 1 = concrete blocks destroyed (16x16) x$50 = $12,800.
Level 1 = floor tiles turned grey (256 tiles) x$50 = $12,800. (floor tiles cannot be destroyed, an error persists)
Level 2 = concrete blocks destroyed (16x16) x$50 = $12,800.
Level 3 = floor tile turned grey (208 tiles) x$50 = $10,400.
Level 3 = floor tiles, concrete wall, wall tiles all destroyed ((208 floor) + (48 blocks) + (48 wall)) x$50 = $15,200.
Level 4 = concrete blocks and wall tiles destroyed ((48 blocks) + (48 wall)) x$50 = $4,800
Level 5 = concrete blocks (roof) destroyed (16x16) x$50 = $12,800

The total repair cost from the complete destruction of one un-used facility slot in your base = $71,200.

Complete destruction of a large base with many facilities destructed can incur repair costs of over $5,000,000.

Caution: The large mis-match in total repair costs versus the combined value of all individual tiles which make up any facility, is from debris. If anything falls from above and passes through one level when falling if will often leave a single tile of rubble. Removal of that rubble (eg: shooting it and destroying it) costs the same as any other tile... $50.


The tiles which make up any building within any battlescape♠, and not just an X-Com base facility. Incur a financial loss of $50 (to the owner) for each visual change due to damage. Further costs depend if the tile turned to rubble and if that was destroyed also. A strong explosion will 'disappear' a tile which cannot turn into a debris tile but will still incur costs of any intermediate state.
♠ Damage and repair costs are irrelevant on battlescapes if:

  • A UFO crash recovery is turned to rubble - aliens do not use money.
  • An alien infestation is detected in the building with an X-Com base and is then 'cleansed' of alien life by flattening the warehouse or slum.
  • Damage inside any alien chamber.


  • Maintenance costs will be paid at the end of the week, Monday at midnight.
  • The total cost of a single facility is removed from your funds upon placement.
  • Removing a facility on the same day that it was placed, irrelevant of hours past, will refund all costs.
  • A partially built facility (day counter has at least decreased by 1) which is removed from your base layout will allow a refund of unused build-days.
Refund = {(cost ÷ days) × remaining days}

or the opposite

Loss = {(cost ÷ days) × progress in days}

Building In Progress

A facility will have an identical layout for any 1x1 or 2x2 pieces under construction.
As seen on a Base Defence mission:

Construction 1x1, Base View,
Level 3

Construction 2x2, Base View, Level 3



Apoc accesslift.png

* Access Lift

Apoc livingquarters.png

* Living Quarters

Apoc stores.png

* Stores

Apoc trainingarea.png

* Training Area

Apoc medicalbay.png

* Medical Bay

Apoc psigym.png

* Psi-Gym

Apoc vehiclebay.png

* Vehicle Repair Bay

Apoc aliencontainment.png

* Alien Containment

Apoc biolab.png

* Biochemistry Lab

Apoc physicslab.png

* Quantum Physics Lab

Apoc workshop.png

* Workshop

Apoc securitystation.png

* Security Station


Apoc advancedbio.png

* Advanced Biochemistry Lab

Apoc advancedphysics.png

* Advanced Quantum Physics Lab

Apoc advancedworkshop.png

* Advanced Workshop

Apoc advancedstation.png

* Advanced Security Station