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Base Facilities

There are a number of base facilities that you can place in your installations. Some of these are available from the beginning of the game, others are gained through research. With the exception of the Access Lift*, and the facilites you start the game with, all require an amount of time to be built and will charge you a monthly maintanance fee on top of the initial construction costs.

All base facilities must be linked, either directly or via other base facilities, to the Access Lift*. While you cannot dismantle a base facility that is in use or is linking other facilities to the Access Lift*, it can be destroyed in the process of a Base Defense* mission. If a base facility is destroyed in this way, any other base facilities that were relying on that facility as a link to the Access Lift* will also be destroyed. Any pieces of equipment, craft, or personal will, however, remain in the base (despite the lack of room).

Initial Base Facilities:

Access Lift*

Researchable Base Facilities: