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This conversion would not be possible without the prior work done by Xusalik and Kyrub. TFTD Extender is a port of UFO Extender with most of the same fixes and mods, as well as, ones specific to this game.


Patch 1.07.2

Fixed in this patch:

  • Crash when a battle finishes but not enough ammo is available to rearm a Coelacanth/Gauss
  • Problem between 'Show Money' and 'Slow Geoscape Clock' mods.
  • Crash when 'No Freebies for Tanks' is enabled
  • Crash when 'Deep Colonies' mod enabled and starting a USO crash mission.
  • Crash when 'Improved Detector' mod enabled and one tries to use the advanced features.

Version 1.07

  • MP3s now play through bass.dll to hopefully clear up all decoder related issues. Thanks to Niklata for the contribution!
  • New video linear filter option availble which should make full screen mode just a little less jagged. Thanks to Tarvis for his help on this!
  • Fixed crash that occured when panicked units dropped their items due to the 'Fix Clip Weight' code.

New fixes and changes to existing mods:

  • Clip Cursor now works in full screen mode.
  • The window dimensions a player specifies in the INI for the game are now the actual playable area.
  • Fixed problem with Personal Armor being assigned damage modifiers of a Power Suit.
  • Fixed crash when an alien throws item and has no other weapon available.
  • Fixed crash when an alien targets a base location during Base Defense missions.
  • Fixed issue with MCing large units: all sections will be controlled when successful.
  • Fixed issue with explosion and large units: they are only affected once by the same explosion.
  • Fixed exploit that allows permanent control of a Tentacult after MCing a zombie.
  • Fixed exploit that allowed tanks to get free ammo for base defense missions.
  • Tank/Harpoon Bolts and Tank/Gauss Cannon ammo use no space in base stores (similar to craft gas cannon ammo.)
  • Added 'get' option to OBDATA mod to allow players to set the parameter that aliens use to decide if they will pick up an object. See UFOpaedia wiki discussions on this topic for more information.
  • 'Hot Grenades' mod now causes grenades to explode after they are thrown. Only the High Explosive has a timer and delay.
  • Alien tactical AI paramaters changed so aliens are more likely to use grenades on groups.
  • Alternate Colony Races changed to Alternate Site Races: Chance to get more varied set of races on the first stage of a colony mission and the race on the second stage matches the race of the supply ships. Now, there is a chance to get different races on the stages of artifact sites as well.
  • 'Know Thy Enemy' mod now only affects damage applied against a target's health points. Until XCOM gets proper data concerning a particular alien's psysiology, damage is reduced unless the soldier gets a lucky shot. Doesn't affect damage from fire, explosions, or stun.

New Additions:

  • Ablative Armor: no changes to the rules for AP weapons but armor is more effective against Explosive, Laser, and Plasma damage although these attacks quickly eat away at the armor rating.
  • EU2012 Items Rules: Alien weapons have a high probability to self-destruct if their owner dies, aliens that die in explosions will have all their items destroyed, fire is highly destructive to high-tech items. Units that panic will not drop items they are holding.
  • Prep Base Defense: Players are taken to the base management screen before a base defense mission starts to allow transfers or selling stuff to manage what items are available in the eqip soldiers phase. All craft at base will be unloaded and will require manual reloading after the mission. However, the plane can be used to store things unwanted in the battle (you may have problems returning them to the base as it will be filled with all the new alien stuff.)
  • Deep Colonies: Alien bases are always very deep.
  • Berzek Unit Crash Fix: Alien terrorist units with range attacks are prevented from going bezerk.
  • Alien Melee Attack Fix: Aliens can now use the melee weapons they carry.
  • Fire Fix: Fixed a rare issue where an unit immune to fix could be killed if their health was extremely low and they were standing in fire.
  • Tentacult Fix: Tentacults have their strength lowered and won’t attack units that they cannot zombify.
  • Lobsterman Strength Fix: Lobstermen have a higher strength instead of a very low score.

The discussion section has the history of all previous releases.

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