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After an exhaustive reverse-engineering effort by the research team, we now believe it should be possible to mirror the functionality exhibited by the alien's advanced flight and navigational computers. These systems provide the pilot with a depth of information well-beyond our current avionics package, and will certainly bring us closer to matching the alien ships in combat.Perhaps more importantly, we've successfully integrated our first prototype of the "gravity wave" drive we modeled after the alien propulsion systems. With this mechanism in place, we can expect at minimum a twofold increase in the Firestorm's maximum thrust output when compared to our traditional pulse-engine equipped Interceptors. Assuming Dr. Shen and his team are able to successfully complete the fabrication process, our ship should be every bit as fast and deadly as the alien's own craft.

Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012) Research Archives

The Firestorm is our highly advanced combat aircraft incorporating numerous advances gained from studying the technology found in the alien ships. Power and navigational systems in particular were adapted directly from the alien designs.

Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012)


An advanced replacement for your standard interceptors. These cannot be built directly from the hangar, but will need to be ordered directly from engineering. Once construction is complete, they will be placed in the hangar of your "home" continent and will be armed with avalanche missiles. You will need to transfer and rearm them as desired.

The Firestorm can take significantly more punishment in combat than a standard interceptor. Cost (At 35 Engineers):

  • Days to Build: 14
  • Minimum Engineers Required: 20
    • $78
    • 7 Elerium
    • 15 Alloys
    • 1 UFO Power Source
    • 2 UFO Flight Computer

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Craft: InterceptorFirestormSkyranger
Weapons: Avalanche MissilesPhoenix CannonLaser CannonPlasma CannonEMP CannonFusion Lance
Support Modules:Defense MatrixUFO TrackingUplink Targeting