Forest Terrain

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Forest Terrain

Many battles will occur in hilly broadleaf forests. These forests look like rough, textured green from the Geoscape. North of the equator, these rough areas are forest. South of the equator, they will be Jungle Terrain.

These woodlands have relatively little undergrowth, but dense canopies above ground level. Movement on the ground level is slowed somewhat by the hills, while flying units may have difficulty picking through the spreading tree branches.

Use explosives freely here. With so many illegal logging operations in the world, no one will notice if a Commander elects to level a couple acres of remote woodland.

Battle Notes

  • Because of the dense canopy, one can blow up the trunk of a tree, but the upper branches may remain aloft, entangled in other trees.
  • Flying units have plenty of cover above ground here, thanks to tree branches.
  • Because of that forest canopy, it may often be easiest to move along at ground level.
  • The canopy will also make it difficult to throw grenades over long or even moderate distances.
  • Place snipers on high ridges and hills to shoot at targets below.
  • Brush and wood may provide fuel for incendiary attacks.

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