Fusion Lance (EU2012)

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Fusion Lance

This weapon is among the most powerful we've recovered from the aliens, and we've already seen evidence of its devastating effect against our own aircraft. Unfortunately, it was clearly designed for a much larger craft with a greater payload capacity than anything we have currently available. In order to adapt the mechanism for use on our own ships, we've had to redesign the integrated power and cooling systems to a much smaller form factor. If we do manage to successfully deploy this weapon, I have no doubt we'll finally level the playing field with the aliens in terms of air superiority.

Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012) Research Archives

Fusion Lance

The Fusion Lance is the most powerful anti-aircraft weapon currently available to XCOM. It should be capable of taking down any UFO engaged by the Firestorm.

  • Developed with technology recovered from a Battleship UFO
  • Trades fire rate for massively increased destructive power and accuracy
Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012)


Research Required Fusion Lance
Base Costs §100
20 Alloys
15 Elerium
1 Fusion Core
30 Engineers
Hit Chance 100%
Range 100
Firing Time 1.5
Damage 1400/1400/1400/1400
Armor Penetration 44/44/44/44
  • How badly do you want that UFO to die? Whatever sin that UFO committed, whatever slight it has performed against you, that UFO will pay. With its life. Only mountable on the Firestorm, and only gained after assaulting a Battleship, the Fusion Lance will crush any UFO that strays into Earth's airspace with no questions asked. Overkill in just about every sense of the word, you will never have to worry about a UFO Interception going south with a Fusion Lance equipped Firestorm on every continent. Not even a Battleship will be able to withstand the Fusion Lance.
  • The Fusion Lance research requires you to first salvage a Fusion Core, which can only be done by assaulting a Battleship. If you have the Slingshot DLC installed, you will be able to acquire Fusion Lances very early on by completing the Gangplank mission, but you will still have to wait until you can build Firestorms before using them.

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