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The following editors (and more) are available at

XCOM ToolBoks

A collection of mods made by bokauk. Current version is 1.6.4 Beta and all features can be activated separately


  • Save Editor
  • Increase Squad Size
  • Perk Tree Builder
  • Display Soldiers' XP
  • Configurable Ability Hot-Keys
  • Configurable Camera - Free rotation, Max/Min zoom etc
  • Selective Recruitment - Select the nationality and gender probability of new recruits
  • Select the Class that Rookies will be promoted as
  • Psi Probability
  • Skip Startup Movies
  • Fast Motion
  • Enable Developer Shell
  • Skip Revealed Aliens Cutscenes
  • Revealed Aliens Only Move After XCOM Turn
  • Disable Panicked Friendly Fire
  • Alien Abductions in Nations with Satellite Coverage
  • Disable Disappearing Corpses
  • Disable Narrative
  • Remove Overwatch and Hunker-Down delay after activating
  • Adjust the amount of Will a soldier loses when they are critically wounded
  • Action Cam for Missed Shots
  • Action Cam for Every Dash
  • Arc Thrower in Pistol Slot
  • Rename Rank Titles
  • Rockets 100% Accurate
  • Disable Continental Abduction Panic
  • Custom Mods
  • Spring 2014 patch causes v1.6.4 to be mostly incompatable.

XCOM Meddler

A user interface for editing the DefaultGameCore.ini file, made by Silvermane.

Allows for a variety of changes regarding difficulty level, funding, soldiers, etc.

Currently hidden, probably due to Patch revision.

The Long War

A mod for XCOM:EU with various mods, including:

  • Soldiers: New soldier classes/ability/trees (Heavy is gone, other (some renamed) classes get tweaked abilities, 4 'new' classes), higher XP costs to level, Barracks soldier info now also shows Movement Rate+Bonus and Defense and XP to next level, "Tired" and "Exhausted" statuses reactivated.
  • Revamped Inteception mechanics: UFOs can explode outright, more UFOs, landed stay longer
  • New Foundry projects: many upgrades to make SHIVs useful in late-game (mod intended to make them near-essential throughout)
  • Squad sizes: up to 8 for human and aliens.
  • Weapons & items: Mods to ammo clip sizes, pistols need reloading too, items to incease weapon type damage (ie: +1 to ballistic, laser, or plasma)
  • Council Sales/Grey Market: old eqipment (armor, weapons) now manually sellable, Council requests for live captures
  • Aliens: Navigators and Commanders now fielded.
  • Engineering/Research: longer times, higher material costs, Uplinks nerfed, labs become more important
  • Missions: more Base Assaults (withdrawn Council countries can be recovered), up to 5 Abduction Missions per month (but only on 1 country at a time, always 100 Credit reward), Council and Terror Missions more frequent.


  • Generic Hex editor, for novice/advanced use
  • Hacks may require using ToolBoks to 'unpack' XcomGame.UPK
  • Example: Finding offset 8B43AD, and changing the value from 97 to 96 cancels Enemy Within's "finish flinching before dying" 'fix', and enemies will die on bullet impact as in Enemy Unknown.


  • User-friendly .UPK modder, various codes can be found through the XCOM section of NexusForums
  • Author's Choice patches: Includes:
    • Soldier modifiers: gender, nationality, class, sleeves
    • Interface: alien corpse display timer, "Remove Death Animation Delay," display movement/XP
    • Base: EW Hologlobe free-rotate fix, Notification/Geoscape Pause modifications
  • Meld Modifiers:
    • Includes: timer extention, canister toggle, recovery from corpses/artifacts
  • "Rig the Roulette Wheel"
    • Reveals a soldier's Ability Tree; for Training Roulette farming