Game Editors (EU2012)

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The following editors (and more) are available at

XCOM ToolBoks

A collection of mods made by bokauk. Current version is 0.60 and all features can be activated separately


  • Configurable Camera - Free rotation, Max/Min zoom etc
  • Selective Recruitment - Select the nationality and gender probability of new recruits
  • Select the Class that Rookies will be promoted as
  • Skip Startup Movies
  • Fast Motion
  • Enable Developer Shell
  • Skip Revealed Aliens Cutscenes
  • Revealed Aliens Only Move After XCOM Turn
  • Disable Panicked Friendly Fire
  • Disable Continental Panic Increase After Abduction Missions
  • Unlocks four new countries ( Colombia, Portugal, Turkey, Venezuela )
  • Disable Disappearing Corpses
  • Remove Overwatch and Hunker-Down delay after activating
  • Adjust the amount of Will a soldier loses when they are critically wounded

XCOM Meddler

A user interface for editing the DefaultGameCore.ini file, made by Silvermane.

Allows for a variety of changes regarding difficulty level, funding, soldiers, etc.