Gameplay Mechanics (EU2012)

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Action System

In Enemy Unknown 2012 the gameplay has been streamlined regarding the previous games, with the intention use a simpler system than the one used by the predecessor of the original game. Thus, the Time Units have been removed and replaced instead with an action system, where each unit can perform 2 Actions during its turn.

List of Actions

These are general actions that can be perform by all your soldiers during the fight.

MoveWalk, Grapple Hook Use.
DashFast movement. Provides defensive bonus.
FireShoot/Throw/Psi the enemy/area.
4 types of weapon shots: Standard, Precision, Disabling and Free.
SuppressFires at the area around the target to reduce its aim.
OverwatchTakes a shot at the next enemy in sight that moves.
ReloadSpend a full action to reload weapon.
HunkerProvides a defensive bonus.
EquipmentAccess and use equipment.

Action Rules

A normal turn will have the unit doing Move + any other Action or simply Dash across the battlefield. Your soldiers' class and available perks will also determine the options available for each Actions. The following rules are a brief summary of how Actions work.

  • A unit has 2 Actions each turn.
  • Choosing any action other than Move as the 1st Action ends the unit's turn.
    • Exception: Heavy with the Bullet Swarm ability (can Fire + Fire/Move/Surpress/Overwatch).
    • Exception: Sniper with the Double Tab ability (can Fire + Fire).
    • Exception: Assault with the Run & Gun ability (can Dash + Fire but not Dash + Equipment).
  • Any unit can Fire as its 2nd Action.
    • Exception: Sniper can only fire its primary weapon as 2nd Action if it has the Snap Shot ability.
    • Exception: Heavy can never fire its Rocket Launcher as the 2nd Action.