Gangplank Map (EU2012)

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Missions Gangplank
Length ? tiles
Width ? tiles
Area ? tiles


  • Council Rewards:
    • 2 Engineers
  • Mission Recovery:
    • 2x Fusion Generators
    • ~400 Alien Alloys
    • ~300 Elerium
    • 3x Elerium Generators
    • 4x Navigation Computers
  • Almost identical to the normal Battleship maps.
    • Differences: on top of the 6 power conduits, there are a few more "elevator beams", a few path/cover changes, and the Area of Operations ends shortly before the giant door to the bridge, in the gigantic room.
  • The Skyranger will always land in the middle landing pad, as the left and right pads, and the paths to them, are closed off from the "pit" room.
  • Notable Locations:
    • In the pit room, common spawns include a Thin Man on the middle tower on the opposite side. A Chryssalid may spawn in range of sight to the right of the right tower, and a thin man down the ramp on the left side.
    • Also common is a second Chryssalid on the right path, near the door in the next area, downhill from the 2nd conduit.
    • In the third area, the bridges are connected. Also, there will be a Cyberdisc here. Squadsight snipers can shoot clean down the hallways if they are in the middle of the mini-bridges near the 2nd Power Conduit (and the Disk often comes after you when you deactivate it). Often, the Cyberdisc will purposefully stop in a doorway, so the flames from it's death may block your path.
    • Thin Men will spawn when deactivating the 3rd and 4th conduit, usually at the top of the nearby ramps, and/or in the last room.
    • A Muton will spawn near the left door, on the side of the last room, with some Thin Men as backup.

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