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Somewhat 'under construction'.

This article aims to compare the Gas Cannon against the Torpedo Launcher.

Where there was little comparison between their predecessors the Heavy Cannon and Rocket Launcher as weapons were vastly different, the improvements to the Gas Cannon and reductions to the Torpedo Launcher have moved them much closer together in terms of effectiveness.

With the help of stat comparison and perhaps some scenarios, the main aim of this article is to establish whether the Gas Cannon can make a suitable replacement for the Torpedo Launcher.

Original Discussion

The Gas Cannon's improved HE damage of 65, and the Torpedo Launcher's nerfed damage of 90, mean that the Torpedo Launcher is now obsolete... back in Xcom, 52 vs 100 damage made the rocket launcher worthwhile, but in TFTD, the fact that you can get 2 shots off with GC makes the 25 point difference no longer worth it, damagewise. And the ammo issues are even more magnified too.

I guess the exception to this would be against a target type with very high armour levels, or very high effective armour vs HE due to HE damage type resistance. Eg - an extreme case - if the target had armour level 65, the average damage from the Torpedo would be massively higher and would justify the lower rate of fire. If you had no better weapon available. Not sure what the typical armour levels range up to in TFTD though. Spike 06:38, 10 July 2009 (EDT)
Nothing that high thankfully. Lobstermen on the other hand take 30% damage from HE, so between the GC-HE and Large Torpedo, the Large Torpedo would definitely have better piercing qualities. The torpedo launcher also has good aimed accuracy, which is good when you've got a very accurate aquanaut. -NKF 09:13, 10 July 2009 (EDT)

I think that the most important difference between the two is that Gas Cannon can be fired on the surface, while torpedo is restricted to underwater usage (except reaction fire, which is definitely a bug). What's more, Gas Cannon sounds great when fired, and the following alien screams make it even better :)

Sorry, I forgot to sign: Zagorszk, 29-07-2009

Further Thoughts

Apart from a niche as a low-tech Lobsterman-sniping weapon, the Torpedo Launcher has a useful role in any early, low tech Alien Colony Assault (while it might be impossible to destroy a Colony with starting weapons, raiding it to counteract the score penalty for allowing the Colony to exist is still a good idea). Large Torpedoes can easily breach the southwest facing diagonal walls at the corners of the main seabed building, as well as the interior double doors inside that main building that lead to the main grav lift.

Even if just for these two reasons, it is probably worth keeping a stock of launchers and large torpedoes on hand, at least until Sonic Pulsers are readily available. Spike 23:05, 13 October 2012 (EDT)

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