Gauss Rifle

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General Information

Gauss Rifle

A step beyond the Gauss pistol, the rifle packs a real punch, with its twin particle accelerators. Replacing the Elerium powered Plasma system, we have utilised a micro particle accelerator that generates a stream of anti-protons.

Source: Terror From The Deep Ufopaedia

Gauss Rifle
(h x w)
3 x 1 Gauss rifle.gif
Weight 8
D. Threshold 20
Grip Two-Handed
TU Cost Accuracy
Auto 40% 50%
Snapshot 30% 65%
Aimed 60% 100%
Sale Price $36,900
Cost $20,000
Technician Hours 400
Workspace 3
Materials -
Gauss Rifle Clip
(h x w)
1 × 1 Gauss rifle clip.gif
Weight 3
D. Threshold 70
Damage 60 Gauss Beam
Capacity 15
Sale Price $1,950
Cost $2,000
Technician Hours 45
Workspace 4
Materials -

The Gauss Rifle is a powerful rifle that is accurate and has an auto fire mode. Thanks to its good balance of abilities, it is often the most favoured of the three Gauss weapons.

The Gauss Rifle improves on the Gauss Pistol by introducing greater accuracy and a small increase in stopping power. It is not as fast but can still maintain a high damage output. It also features a 15-round ammunition clip.

Note: All Gauss Weapons must be manufactured.

The Gauss Rifle is a good general-purpose weapon that is suitable as a standard issue squad weapon. Having ammunition that is easy to mass-produce, it is a useful weapon for conserving Sonic Pistol and Sonic-Blasta Rifle ammunition when fighting against non-Lobsterman crews.

This weapon appears in Terror from the Deep. For the UFO: Enemy Unknown equivalent, refer to the Laser Rifle.

Key Features
  • Auto Fire
  • High Accuracy
  • Gauss Damage
Pros Cons
  • Moderate power
  • Fast
  • Manufactured


The Gauss Rifle is a good starting weapon and continues to be a fairly respectable weapon in the later game when fighting Aquatoids or Gillmen due to its autofire capability.

However, many terror units and later enemies (Tasoths, Lobster Men) are very tough and highly resistant to Gauss rounds. For example, on Superhuman difficulty, Gauss Rifles are almost completely ineffective against Lobster Men (less than a 1/8 chance to do any damage at all), and usually require 5-6 hits to kill a Tasoth.

Therefore, when these races start appearing, one should switch to Sonic Weapons, Sonic Pulsers, melee weapons, and/or Thermal Shok Launchers as soon as possible; Gauss Rifles should be left behind and used only when one knows that they will be facing Gillmen or Aquatoids.

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