General Stores (TFTD)

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Item storage sizes

Item Space Mult.
AJAX Launcher
D.U.P. Head Launcher
Craft Gas Cannon
PWT Launcher
Gauss Cannon
Sonic Oscillator
AJAX Torpedoes
D.U.P. Head Torpedoes
Craft Gas Cannon Rounds(x50)
Pulse Wave Torpedo
Coelacanth/Gas Cannon
Solid Harpoon Bolts
Coelacanth/Aqua Jet
Aqua Jet Missiles
Craft Gauss Rounds
Dart Gun
Dart pod
Jet Harpoon
Harpoon pod
Gas Cannon
GC-AP Ammo
GC-HE Ammo
GC-P Ammo
Hydro-Jet Cannon
HJ-AP Ammo
HJ-HE Ammo
Item Space Mult.
HJ-P Ammo
Torpedo Launcher
Small Torpedo
Large Torpedo
Phosphor Torpedo
Gauss Pistol
Gauss Pistol clip
Gauss Rifle
Gauss Rifle clip
Heavy Gauss
Heavy Gauss clip
Magna-Blast Grenade
Dye Grenade
Particle Disturbance Grenade
Magna-Pack Explosive
Particle Disturbance Sensor
M.C. Disruptor
Thermal Tazer
Chemical flare
Sonic Cannon
Cannon Power Clip
Sonic Blasta-Rifle
Rifle Power Clip
Sonic Pistol
Pistol Power Clip
Disrupter Pulse Launcher
Disrupter Pulse Torpedo
Thermal Shok Launcher
Item Space Mult.
Themal Shok Bomb
Thermic Lance
Heavy Thermic Lance
Sonic Pulser
M.C. Reader
Aquatoid Corpse
Gill Man Corpse
Tasoth Corpse
Lobsterman Corpse
Tentaculate Corpse
Bio-Drone Corpse
Calcinite Corpse
Deep One Corpse
Xarquid Corpse
Triscene Corpse
Hallucinoid Corpse
Ion Beam Accelerator
Magnetic Navigation
Sub Construction
Alien Cryogenics
Alien Clonic
Alien Learning Array
Alien Imlanter
Examination Room(TFTD)
Aqua Plastics
Alien Reanimation Zone
Plastic Aqua Armor
Ion Armor
Magnetic Ion Armor