General Stores (TFTD)

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Item storage sizes

Ajax Launcher0.805/4
D.U.P. Head Launcher1.001/1
Craft Gas Cannon1.502/3
P.W.T. Cannon2.001/2
Gauss Cannon2.001/2
Sonic Oscillator1.205/6
Ajax Torpedoes0.405/2
D.U.P. Head Torpedoes1.502/3
Gas Rounds(x50)0.00N.A.
P.W.T. Ammo0.605/3
Coelacanth/G. Cannon6.001/6
Coelacanth/Aqua Jet6.001/6
Displacer /Sonic6.001/6
Displacer /P. W. T.6.001/6
Dart Gun0.1010/1
Dart Clip0.1010/1
Jet Harpoon0.205/1
Harpoon Clip0.1010/1
Gas Cannon0.3010/3
GC-AP Bolts0.1010/1
GC-HE Bolts0.1010/1
GC-Phosphorous Bolts0.1010/1
Hydro-Jet Cannon0.3010/3
HJ-AP Ammo0.1010/1
HJ-HE Ammo0.1010/1
HJ-P Ammo0.1010/1
Torpedo Launcher0.405/2
Small Torpedo0.205/1
Large Torpedo0.205/1
Phosphor Torpedo0.205/1
Gauss Pistol0.1010/1
Gauss Pistol Clip0.1010/1
Gauss Rifle0.205/1
Gauss Rifle Clip0.1010/1
Heavy Gauss0.3010/3
Heavy Gauss Clip0.1010/1
Magna-Blast Grenade0.1010/1
Dye Grenade0.1010/1
Particle Disturbance Grenade0.1010/1
Magna-Pack Explosive0.205/1
Particle Disturbance Sensor0.1010/1
M.C. Disruptor0.1010/1
Thermal Tazer0.1010/1
Vibro Blade0.1010/1
Thermic Lance0.1010/1
Heavy Thermic Lance0.1010/1
Aquanaut Corpse?0.00N.A.
Aquanaut Corpse?0.00N.A.
Aquanaut Corpse?0.00N.A.
Sonic Cannon0.205/1
Cannon Power Clip0.3010/3
Sonic Blasta-Rifle0.205/1
Blasta Power Clip0.1010/1
Sonic Pistol0.1010/1
Pistol Power Clip0.1010/1
Disrupter Pulse Launcher0.3010/3
Disrupter Ammo0.205/1
Thermal Shok Launcher0.205/1
Themal Shok Bomb0.1010/1
Sonic Pulser0.1010/1
M.C. Reader0.1010/1
Aquatoid Corpse0.405/2
Gill Man Corpse0.405/2
Lobster Man Corpse0.405/2
Tasoth Corpse0.405/2
Calcinite Corpse0.405/2
Deep One Corpse0.405/2
Bio-Drone Corpse0.405/2
Tentaculat Corpse0.405/2
Triscene Corpse1.001/1
Hallucinoid Corpse1.001/1
Xarquid Corpse1.001/1
 Squad Leader0.00N.A.
Ion Beam Accelerators0.7010/7
Magnetic Navigation0.205/1
Alien Sub Construction0.1010/1
Alien Cryogenics0.205/1
Alien Cloning0.205/1
Alien Learning Arrays0.205/1
Alien Imlanter0.205/1
Examination Room0.205/1
Aqua Plastics0.1010/1
Alien Re-animation Zone0.1010/1
Plastic Aqua-Armor0.805/4
Ion Armor0.805/4
Mag. Ion Armor0.805/4
Solid Harpoon Bolts0.1010/1
Aqua Jet Missiles0.605/3
P.W. Torpedo0.605/3
Gauss Cannon Ammo0.1010/1
Gauss Cannon Ammo0.605/3

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