Genetics Lab (Long War)

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HQ Long War.jpg
Effect -
Adjacency Bonus
Prerequisites -
Other -
Build costs
Alien Alloys
§- | - | - | - | 21
§- | - | - | - | -
Maintenance §30
Power 4

Much the same as Vanilla, this facility is required for applying Gene Mods to your soldiers via the Research menu tab. See that page for information on the mods themselves.

  • Soldiers who receive genetic modification retain both their class and rank. Only one Genetics Lab may be constructed, although it counts as a Laboratory if built next to one. Dr. Vahlen recommends that XCOM deploy genetically enhanced soldiers as soon as possible.
  • Up to five genetic modifications may be applied to a single soldier. They modify a variety of human anatomical systems, yielding different tactical advantages. Performing alien autopsies can result in access to new genetic modification options. Each genemod increases the amount of rest required between missions.