Ghost Grenade (EU2012)

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Ghost Grenade

This grenade contains elerium-infused particles that, when diffused into our soldiers, causes them to become invisible. These particles will lose their elerium charge after a brief time, and competing energy sources - such as weapons fire - will disrupt them.

  • Confers temporary stealth on all friendly units in blast radius
  • Stealth lasts until the start of the unit's next turn
  • Attacks from stealth receive a substantial bonus to critical chance
  • Does not affect Seekers or units with Mimetic Skin


Research Required Seeker Autopsy
Base Costs §200
25 Elerium
4 Seeker Wrecks
10 Engineers
Abilities/Stats Ghost
  • Gives friendly units on its area of effect the ability to become invisible for a turn.
  • A cheap alternative to Mimetic Skin or Ghost Armor. However, after you've developed and deployed either one of those improvements, you may want to bring another item instead.

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