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General Information


Almost human, a strange creature who appears to be a reptilian humanoid, very closely related to man.

This creature is extremely powerful and fast in the under sea world. Gillmen are fully fledged race, there being male and female specimens of varying ages. They are unlike the majority of the underwater aliens as they bear none of the signs of genetic alteration or surgical deformation. It is possible we are looking at some ancient branch of our own species.

Source: Terror From The Deep Ufopaedia

Gillman Autopsy
Gillman Autopsy

Once surgery began it became clear this is no alien, but an Earth born creature, an ancient pre-historic race that was thought destroyed at the very moment mammals became dominant.

In a time when dinosaurs roamed these creatures lived, the Gillmen-amphibious, intelligent and strong. The cataclysm that ended the reptile rule on this planet forced these creatures into a symbiotic relationship with the newly arrived aliens.

A small electronic device is lodged in the skulls of the creatures.

Source: Terror From The Deep Ufopaedia

Time Units 40 - 74
Health 45 - 60
Energy 80 - 118
Reactions 45 - 72
Strength 47 - 64
Bravery 80 - 90
Firing Accuracy 18 - 94
Throwing Accuracy 50 - 65
MC Skill 0 - 62
MC Strength 30 - 43
Front Armour 6 - 18
Left Armour 4 - 14
Right Armour 4 - 14
Back Armour 5 - 16
Under Armour 4 - 14
Hidden Attributes
Melee Accuracy 54 - 79
Energy Recharge 30
Victory Points 15 - 20
Standing Height 20
Kneeling Height 12
Intelligence 2 - 4
Aggression 1 & 2
Other information
Armour category Gillman
Possible Ranks Soldier, Squad Leader, Technician, Commander
Unique Attributes Commander has Molecular Control attack

The Gillmen are the first or second "alien" species you will encounter in TFTD. More precisely, they are an Earthly species and have prostrated themselves before the Aliens in an attempt to save their miserable hides. Luckily for X-Com, Gillmen are rather slow and make poor soldiers.

Their only strength is their high amount of health, which means lower-tech weapons will often need 2, sometimes 3 shots to bring one down. Once you get Sonic weapons, however, they'll start dying like flies. In addition, they easily fall prey to Molecular control, and thus make good "test subjects" for training your Aquanauts' M.C Skill.

Only Gillman Commanders possess M.C. ability, but they aren't particularly good at it, and are only encountered in Dreadnoughts or during Base Defence missions.

While seemingly uninteresting, Gillmen are nonetheless important to X-Com's research efforts:

  • For whatever reason, a Gillman's corpse is needed in order to research the Thermic Lance. Since Gillmen are a very common enemy in the early stages of the game, obtaining one shouldn't be a problem.
  • On land-based Terror Missions, Gillmen will be accompanied by Deep Ones, who are an absolutely vital alien for researching any sort of armor (try to capture both a live one and a body).
  • Researching a Gillman Commander will not unlock T'leth, the Alien's City, but will unlock The Ultimate Threat (provided you have already researched Alien Origins).

Compared to Enemy Unknown, the Gillman is roughly equivalent to a Floater, but lacks the ability to "fly". Its relatively high Health makes it more equivalent to a Snakeman in terms of resilience, though.


  • Gillmen don't have Medics or Navigators. Squad Leaders will be used in place of Medics, and Technicians in place of Navigators.
  • Trivia: The Gillman is loosely based on the eponymous monster from the film Creature from the Black Lagoon.

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