Gollop Chamber (EU2012)

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The Gollop Chamber

Once we build this facility, a psionically powerful soldier will be able to access the Ethereal's psychic net.

Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012)


Research Required Ethereal Device
Manpower Required N/A
Base Costs §200, 10x Elerium, 10x Alloys, 1x Ethereal Device
Power 5
Maintenance §100 per month
Build Time 14 days
Provides see notes
Adjacency Bonus N/A

  • The Gollop Chamber is a special facility required to gain access to the final mission. It can be built after researching the Psi-Link device from the Overseer UFO. To use the chamber you must choose a psionic soldier equipped with Psi Armor to become the Volunteer. Using the Gollop Chamber essentially puts the game on pause, no further research or foundry projects will complete, soldiers won't heal and you can't really accomplish anything further, so the chamber should only be used when you're ready for the final mission.
  • You can construct it before using it (at a fairly high per-month maintenance cost), and in-game time will still flow normally (and there's a confirmation screen before the end-game time stop usage). But, once constructed, it cannot be torn down: as a permanent structure, put it somewhere where it's not going to block any adjacency bonuses you may want, if you do decide to build it ahead of time.


  • The Gollop chamber is named after Julian and Nick Gollop, creators of the original game. The research briefing refers to a "pair of brothers" who came up with the idea.

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