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Mega-Primus is a city state ruled by thirteen elected senators.  This Government is directly responsible for the legal system and the mass transit systems.  All other city services, including  the policing of the city, are contracted to various corporations.  In practice, the immense bureaucracy holds the most power.  Senior civil servants are responsible for maintaining the city edicts and defining citizenship and its obligations.  They cannot be removed for the jobs except through proven misconduct.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia


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  • The Government is an organisation which has agreed to revive X-Com as a covert initiative to investigate recent Alien incursions within Mega-Primus. The elected senators have agreed to provide ongoing funding for X-Com's continued successful removal of these unwelcomed visitors.
  • The Government provides funds for X-Com every week as long as the alien menace is being removed successfully wherever they appear. If X-Com's performance is not up to expectations, future funding may be decreased or halted altogether.
  • If the Government's own finances are underperforming, X-Com will only receive half of the government's liquidity. Negative government cash flows will cause future funding to cease.
  • If relations between the government and X-Com are hostile at the end of the week, funding is immediately terminated. Negative relations do not matter with regards to funding throughout the current week but will only matter when the government is due to assess monetary policy at the week's end. Relations can be improved with compensation just before the end of the week.
  • If the Government is "Alien Friends", relations towards X-Com will soon become hostile if the government is unable to be convinced to change their ways. If under Alien control, funding is halted and relations between the government and X-Com are permanently hostile.
  • The Government does not offer any services or products.
  • New base locations are provided underneath certain government buildings. Relations do not matter. A base may be purchased regardless if the government is hostile.
Alien Infiltration Speed: Low



  • none

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