Griffon AFV (Apocalypse)

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The meanest Marsec manufactured land based vehicle is an extremely heavily armored all-terrain vehicle with a choice of three different turret mountings. Projectile and Plasma Cannons can be fitted, or a missile launching unit for targeting airborne vehicles.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia

Griffon AFV

Apoc griffon icon.png
  • Buyable: Yes
  • Base Price: $16,000
  • Top Speed¹: 7
  • Acceleration²: 1
  • Weapon Slots: 1
  • Weapons: 1x Rumble Cannon
  • Engine: Metro Multipower Plus
  • Constitution: 700
  • Armour³: 32/32/32/32/32/32
  • Chassis Weight: 1800
  • Passengers: 4
  • Module Slots: 2
  • Style: Road
  • Manufacturer: Marsec
  • Available: Week 1
  • Minimum Weekly Stock: 3
  • Maximum Weekly Stock: 8
  • Score: 50

¹ top speed with default layout
² acceleration with default layout
³ armour values: Top/Front/Left/Right/Rear/Under
"...all-terrain vehicle..." is an error. It is limited to the road only.


A large Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV) with a cannon mount typical of old-era tank designs. The default layout includes the Rumble Cannon which has unlimited ammunition capacity. This vehicle is ideal for road based attacks against strong hostiles in the air when they are distracted by X-com air assaults. The power of the cannon can level buildings from misses if aimed towards low flying or road based enemies. Two other weapons are specific to this design, a missile launcher and a plasma cannon to further customise its role. Smaller weapon systems may be mounted but are not ideal since other vehicles are better suited due to the cost and limited availability of this tank.


Engine Upgrades - Chassis Only


As with all road based vehicles:
Road vehicles are not very useful because all roads are too weak. The vehicles are good, the roads aren't.

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